Petrov and Vasechkin slowly trudged to school. - That's no longer like eleven years, we, Petrov, and lessons are forced to do as a child - a sigh, said the programmer. "Yeah," confirmed Petrov. - By the way, you did the math? - Of course not. We are with you yesterday till night playing football... Maybe you did? I, too, did not. But today, we will evoke, Svetlana Semenovna promised... - muttered Petrov. - Ah, one two... Hey, let's write off Starcevo Masha, - said the programmer. - She certainly did. - Did they had done, not only will it give us the write off. - Well, we really ask her, can and will. Come on, let's go to it. Lessons for another hour. Friends came to the entrance, climbed to the fifth floor and rang the door. They were never opened. They called again and waited five minutes. - Gone already, probably, Petrov said, and turned to leave. Wait, Petrov, Vasechkin said and put his ear to the door. - I think I hear something. Behind the door was the sound of footsteps and the door was opened by Mary. She was dressed in a Terry robe to toe, which is held on the chest. - Boys? surprised she asked. - What do you want? Petrov and Vasechkin the habit of admiring a beautiful classmate, with whom they both were in love almost from kindergarten. - And you keep quiet? - Masha frowned. Vasechkin came around and shoved Petrov with an elbow. - We... - muttered the same. - We... We just... - said the programmer. - Just what? Maria let the Bathrobe and he went a little crazy on the chest. - What do you mumble? - Dear Masha! - decided Vasechkin. - Please, let us to write math homework! So today we will certainly call and put deuces! - Fact! - confirmed Petrov. Masha twisted a finger at a temple, from which the gown even more dispersed, and in the lumen of the flashed light skin girls. - Out of your mind. I do not give you to write off, otherwise you would just lazy, she said. - Why did you not do? The boys looked at each other and collapsed on the knees. - Please! exclaimed Vasechkin. On you one hope! - assented Petrov. - We beg you! - What I want for you to do it! - Please! Masha slightly flushed, but then he stamped his foot. - Come quietly! What you blast away at the whole staircase! Okay, come on in. She opened the door and let the boys into the apartment. - Take your shoes of, come to my room, she said. - Mom and dad already left for work, but still no noise, everything the walls are thin. Petrov and Vasechkin walked into the room Masha. There was perfect order; only the bed was not cleaned. Mary quickly threw on her veil. - Here's a notebook, sit down and write. And try to at least understand the solution! I'll go wash up. With these words she left the room, after some time in the bathroom rustled water. Petrov and Vasechkin quickly (due to a lot of experience) copied homework and now just staring around. - Look, Peter, ' said the programmer, but this is my first time in the bedroom girls, especially Masha. - Well, Yes! - agreed Petrov. We've been here before, remember? In the second grade. Is not considered, things were different then. - What else, then? - Well, for example, this Cabinet was not, - the programmer pointed to a tall cupboard standing in the corner. - Table, he tapped the table. - Bedspread on the bed was not red but green like the programmer pulled a corner of the blankets from under him, something fell and rolled under the bed. Friends the second time that day fell down on my knees and hands, chattered away under the bed. - There! exclaimed Petrov and pulled out a hand from under the bed. - Just what is it? On his palm lay the subject of smooth hard rubber, similar to a small cucumber. Based on the black button. - Press? - hesitantly asked Petrov. - Press! - confidently said Vasechkin and pressed the button. "Cucumber" finely trembled. After the second pushing, the shaking became stronger and the subject was to be bent slightly here and there. After the third subject began to shake so badly that Petrov barely held in his hand, and hastened to press the fourth time. Everything stopped. It's probably an electric massager of some - suggested Vasechkin. - But why this shape? Petrov, what happened? Petrov sat motionless, glazed eyes staring at the "gherkin". Then he looked at Vasechkina, and said: - I think I know what it is. Seen in a forbidden foreign magazine. - Well, what is it? - impatiently asked Vasechkin. It's called a vibrator, slowly said Petrov. - In that magazine women have used it to, well... well... well, have fun. "What," Vasechkin gulped and lowered his voice - masturbated? - Fact, - said in a whisper Petrov - put yourself in... Well, there. And include. - That is, that Mary... - shocked muttered Vasechkin. - Our Masha... Guys imagined their beloved Mary with this thing, and at the same time blushed. Here the sound of water from the bathroom ceased, and before the boys knew what that meant, the door to the room opened and in came Mary. She was in the same robe and rubbing his wet hair with a towel. - Well, copied? she asked. Petrov and Vasechkin not answered. - Why are you silent again? - Mary removed the towel from her head. The boys sat, looking at the floor, and between them lay on the floor of the "gherkin". Mary looked at the vibrator and was just all red, from his forehead to neck. Hung an awkward silence. - We... - began Vasechkin, We'll probably... - yeah, - mumbled Petrov, not taking his eyes from the floor. - Wait... - said quietly to Mary. - I want to explain... It wasn't me. That is, I myself, but... my doctor has prescribed. I need it, otherwise, well, it's hard for me to focus on my classes and all. - That is you every day Vasechkin was a red, no worse than Masha. Two times a day, - said Masha. - And sometimes three. The doctor said that it is not necessary to hold it in and endure, and as soon as you wanted... the doctor said... - then Mary quickly glanced at the boys and turned away again. Said that the best way to do it with a vibrator, and with real people... Petrov and Vasechkin looked at each other. - Is... - said Petrov. - You want... this... to us? . . Well... You're my friends, ' said Masha. And I know that you like me... If you want... the Boys hovered, not daring to raise his eyes. - Uh... We, of course, friends, - finally said the programmer. We just have to help you. As a friend. Right, Petrov? - Yeah, - said Petrov. - Friend to friend. Only that... I never have with a girl is not... - Yeah, - said hoarsely Vasechkin. - I also. Mary smiled sheepishly. - But you... masturbate? - Well... Yes. Yeah, - haphazardly admitted guys. - Well, - said Masha. - Let's try? - Right now? asked Vasechkin. "Yes," Mary said firmly. - And then I will not dare... - Well, - said Petrov. And how do we... The doctor says that you need to undress, and then the very go, - said Masha. - Undress! - she commanded. The boys become awkward to get out of the school uniform, but when it came to their underwear, they stopped, hiding behind hands. - Well, what are you? - asked Masha. She's all eyes watched the boys undress, she was hyperventilating. - And you? asked Vasechkin. - You also have to be naked. Mary flashed again, but nodded. She slowly untied the belt of his robe and threw it on the floor. She was wearing white panties and a beautiful bra covering small Breasts. Through the bra you could see the bumps of hard nipples. Petrov and Vasechkin even forgot to cover herself and stared at the girls chest, and Masha, in turn, stared at the members of boys who were stuck under them cowards. - Let so, - said Masha, barely looking away to the side. - I take off my bra, then you will remove the pants, and then removed the panties I... To Masha were slowly returning to her usual confidence. The boys nodded their heads. Masha quickly undid your bra and threw it on the floor, exposing her Breasts in front of the greedy eyes of boys. - What do you think? - nervously asked she. - Do you like my Breasts? . . Yes. Yeah. responded the boys. - And more? - angrily asked Mary. Petrov swallowed hard and said: - Masha, you are very beautiful. You have very beautiful... chest. Thank you. And now... how I dreamed to say this... drop your pants, boys. Guys, not taking his eyes from the Machine chest, took off my shorts and stood up straight. - Do not cover! - shouted Mary. - Give me to see you. Or not, let's first I, too, completely naked... She sat on the bed in one movement took off my panties and threw them in the corner of the room. Then slowly spread her legs apart. - Look... - said Masha. And let me see you. The guys and looked at a crack their girlfriends, covered with sparse blond fuzz. They looked beautiful breast to strong, shapely legs. Mary also enjoyed looking at the still hairless, but strong young members of the friends. - Come here, - said Masha, - I want you to touch it. - I want to touch you, softly protested Vasechkin. Mary smiled, got out of bed and walked over to Vasechkin. Well, here I am, - she said easily. - Touch. The programmer could not be resolved. - What are you? - asked Masha. She came to Vasechkin close and touched their nipples strained against his chest. The boy like an electric shock, he raised his hand and touched the shoulder of Masha. Okay, okay... go ahead... - whispered Mary. Vasechkin put the second hand on the chest of Maria and started gently squeezing it. Yes. . - Masha looked back at Petrov. - Petrov, come to us. Petrov came to Masha from behind and gently stroked her back. Below, Bob whispered Mary. - Pat my butt... Petrov moved the hands on the firm buttocks of his girlfriend. They were smooth and silky to the touch. - Masha, can I kiss you? asked Vasechkin, without ceasing to caress her Breasts. - Of course... should be, ' replied Masha, and licked his lips. Vasechkin clumsily pressed her lips to his. "Not so..." Said Mary, looking up from Vasechkina. - Loosen your lips, when we kiss, play with my tongue. Come on! they again merged in a long kiss. - Much better, right? slightly breathless, she asked. - Wait a minute! Mary wriggled out of the boys arms and sat down again on the bed. - What is it? - dissatisfied asked Petrov. - Come here. I I want you to consider... - blushing, said Masha. The guys came up to Masha, who, quickly but carefully grabbed them by the protruding members. Petrov and Vasechkin gasped and in unison exclaimed: - Masha! Mary smiled and said Softly. I want you to jerk off. The doctor told me that boys love it when they masturbate - with these words she gently move her hands up and down. The boys could not long withstand such sweet torture. Of course! Masha, student, a student, sitting in front of them completely naked, and Masturbates them. Almost simultaneously Petrov and Vasechkin began to cum. They came in long jets of semen, they fell directly on Mary who enthusiastically looked at the work of their hands and milked the last drops from his friends. The boys legs gave way, and they also sat down on the bed, with the two sides of Mary. - Masha, - said weakly Vasechkin. - I love you. "Me too," on the other hand said Petrov. The boys simultaneously kissed Mary on the cheek. - You will have the opportunity to prove it, - said Masha. Two minutes of rest, I'm in the shower. Two minutes later, Mary returned from the shower. - Well, are you rested? - she teased, hiding behind the towel. - Well, show me your Dicks! Members of the boys was still lethargic. I know that will help you, - smiling, said the girl. - Look! She threw the towel in, and sat before them on a chair, spread her legs wide apart. Then she licked the middle finger of the right hand and slowly shoved it in a crack, and his left hand grabbed her nipple and began to twist. - Well, how? - panting, asked Mary. - You like watching me touch myself? - Sure, I do, ' replied the programmer. - Fact! - confirmed Petrov. Members confirmed the rightness of the owners, vospryanuv spirit. - Excellent! - said Masha, looking closely at the rising members of the boys. - So, you go to the main part. Come on, boys, come here... Masha went to the wall and waited while her suit guys. - I don't want either of you hurt, so let's get this Threesome, she said. At the same time. - How is it? - chorus asked the boys. - Very simple. One of you will enter me from the front, - with these words Mary patted a click - and second - behind, - Masha turned to the guys back and easily bent to the floor. Her buttocks parted, revealing a view over the rear hole. - Come on, guys. Mary straightened up, turned to Petrov and stared with a kiss on his lips. Petrov waving his arms around and put his hands on her ass. - I see you like my ass - looking up from the lips of a boy, said Masha. - Good, you're back. She turned back to Vasechkin, pressed her bosom against him and kissed her. - And you're out front. Then change, - Masha smiled. - What are you waiting for? - Er... what? . . - mumbled Vasechkin. - Let me climb, - whispered the girl. - You support me in the ass. She'd saddled the boy with his legs crossed behind him. Member Vasechkina was standing just opposite the entrance to the Car cave. "So," a faltering voice said Masha. - Come on. I fall. The head of the penis of the boy slowly parted her lips and slid the member into the fold. - Masha, - has whispered Vasechkin, - what a narrow and hot in there! - And your cock is so long and hard... Petrov, don't just stand there, come in me! Vasechkin stopped their movement and his hands spread her buttocks girls. Petrov Masha hugged from behind, grabbed her Breasts with his hands, put his cock to the back of the Mashie hole and slowly pushed. Ass Masha gently let the cock of the boy. - Yes! gasped the girl. - Yes! How long have I dreamed about it! Come on boys, fuck me! The guys started to move slowly. They hugged like flexible body of his girlfriend, who was moaning with pleasure. The boys could feel the movement of each other's cocks through the thin partition, which added a lot of pleasant sensations. Vasechkin kissed Mary on the lips and squeezed her buttocks, and Petrov caressed sensitive hard nipples girls and licked her beautiful ear. The girl melted in the strong arms of their lovers. - Yes! - she moaned out loud. - Yet! Boys, I love you! I love your members! Masha hung between the boys, pierced by two members. Such pleasure she had not experienced her fun with the vibrator was only a pale shadow of this buzz. - Come on, guys! I'm so close! Let's all cum at the same time! - gasping, whispered the girl. - Come on. And... and... Oooh! - Aaagh! - Shouted the boy, ending. Trio and not accepistis, collapsed on the bed. Some time was quiet. - My God! in palubeckaite whispered Mary. - It was just great! Boys, thank you so much... Maria, you are super - muttered Vasechkin and squeezed the buttocks of a friend. - Fact, confirmed Petrov. Vasechkin slowly pulled his cock out of pussy girls, kissed her lips and said: - let's in school today will not go. - Good idea, - said Petrov, caressing hand pubis Masha. - Do something else. Mary spread her legs, letting the boy's hand to his Bud, and said, I don't mind. I only! Vasechkin gently twisted the nipple hardening again friends: - Oh, Mary! - Okay, - replied Petrov and kissed the girl.