On the anniversary of his grandfather gathered several families. The adults immediately began to drink, but the grandfather gave me the boat: - Motor adjusted, will be yours! I was fifteen, a technical genius, I was not, the village children to dig deeper in the engine, and after two hours he got! I immediately wanted someone to ride, but with cousins it was bad. Beautiful Jeanne brought great granddaughter and him Lisp. Marina turned into a huge girl, a real girl, in eleventh grade, she moved. Not the first time I grandpa summers, boys and girls were familiar. Very delicately warned me that the couple this summer, everything has already crashed. Had to roll the Marina. The girl was quite pretty, we were friends since childhood. Upset only that she had already taken shape in the adult, high and mighty woman. Compared to her I looked nipped a chicken. The growth of I the Marina was adequate, but looked like gerdine! She had bloodshot shoulders, hefty Breasts, a huge ass and a very steep hip. In the morning we went to sunbathe on the other side of the river. In a tiny Cove grandpa has equipped the berth from a couple of boards. Was still a tiny shed from the elements shelter. Was a very nice soft ass to push out the boat dock, and even the chest I accidentally touched and immediately blushed. She smiled affectionately. Consciously I put a hand on the other breast, expecting a rebuff. It never came! Solid Breasts were the softest. Marina somehow strange looked at me: - you Have a girlfriend? I sadly shook her head. - And the girl as a woman you want? I again blushed and nodded sadly. Marina held my head to the vast breast and quietly whispered: - Favorite guy I've got, so you can't do it. she turned my head and show the picture on mobile. In a highly excited state, I could appreciate that they looked surprisingly harmonious couple. He was mighty Marina, this Hercules. - My chest can cuddle and kiss if you want. Slowly she brought his lips to the boy. The first kiss was amazing. Marina's tongue gently caressed my mouth, she pressed and greatly squeezed. My hands went through the back, easily penetrated in jeans and panties, turned in a gentle ass. Marina trembled as she otehrwise: - Hands-keep your hands to yourself, I'm not allowed! For you I have another option. I'll call his girlfriend. She is very clever, an excellent student, so at our school, the boys avoid it. But itching of the vagina all the same. She also wants to try him. Agree? I nodded. Marina walked away, talked on the phone, gave themselves to admire and beautiful jumped into the water. - Cool I wanted, quickly pack up, take me and run to the station. At eleven o'clock Zoya will come. The recommendation I gave you is excellent. At the appointed hour I stood on the platform and were expecting a little girl. For ten minutes I imagined what it would be, what are we going to do with it. Was a solid agreement that she will "give". Marina only said that beauty should not count, and a little advice on how girls should chat. Only a few passengers got off the train and quickly fled. One girl remained on the platform. She was in a white blouse and light shorts. Two short pigtails with ribbons sticking out on the head. I did not expect! - You looked at me, said strongly reddened Zoe. Now make up your mind, maybe I go to another platform and go back? Somehow I imagined Zoya is similar to the mighty Marina. She was shorter than me and very thin. Gray eyes through his glasses chameleon gazed up at me. The voice she was amazing, now I can imagine the voice of an attractive woman means a lot more of them boobies or buns. I touched her hand and very hesitantly kissed the hot cheek, a faint smell incredibly pleasant bitter spirits me completely seduced. To go you can't reverse the train four hours later. Still going to swim, then you want, then you decide to stay! It to my cheek pressed soft lips, then laughed: 'it All seemed very simple, yet I didn't see you. You're very cute and I liked it! And you're also blushing! Went for a swim! I was sweating in the train, yet imagined you with me you do! I myself was sweating on the platform, while representing, what are we going to do with it! Pretty clearly she was not, but liked it enormously! We held hands and quietly went along the forest path. I was thinking on the river to take Zoe did not want to, we Bank constantly anyone run hither and took him to a romantic place. The path turned the wrong way, had to walk through knee-deep water on the sandy bed of the stream. He was blocked by moss-covered dams, two pond was formed. From the upper pond at the bottom even a tiny waterfall dripped out. Thickets of wild roses blooming on the shore of one of the ponds. - How lovely! Turn around, I'll wear a swimsuit. I dutifully turned away and he put on his swim trunks. Turning around, we looked at each other. - My breast is very tiny, guiltily whispered Zoe - no one's coming? - No! - I whispered and shoved the girl into the pond. The water was pleasantly warm and smelled of lilies and roses. - Oh, you bastard - cheerfully she screamed and began to splash. - Well, - I said sorry - all my clothes spattered! - To hell with the clothes! I'm sure! We're just going to take what he came for! Come on, jump! We stood in the water and very tenderly looked at each other. Glasses before bathing she took off, eyes without glasses have become sort of helpless. I love to have pressed against plump lips. They answered me passionately. On the grass we then stretched out, Zoe put his head on my shoulder and quietly whispered in his ear: - the First time my boyfriend hugged and kissed for the first time! Marina and girlfriends. Marina is too high and stout, in our town, few young men there who dare her local Broadway conduct. With a jerk she won't go! And I'm skinny student with glasses are considered to be ugly, in the fifth grade for me, no one cared! - Why I was in the sixth grade are not met? - I'm angry, and again we slightly kissed. - I'm two years older, when I was in sixth, you were in fourth in another city! And it is possible to kiss your nipple, would you be offended? It's dirty desire came over me! The kiss was amazing, trunks immediately began to pout. Zoya else nipples lick. The first time I gently caressed the girl - I want your boobies to kiss! Zoe was disappointed: - They are very small! and resolutely drew their tiny Breasts. The clasp of her bra was easily undone, Breasts fell out for me. They were very extensive, but only slightly above the body. Circles around the nipples seemed huge, hard nipples of them was incredibly sexy piperales. - Where to pop, would you show me? - First wash and then I'll show you! Just turn away! I'm too shy! - Let me give you wash? Zoe gently slapped my cheek and kissed me: - I am ashamed to burn, and you have to wash me ... We hugged, laughed, washed away, put on and stretched out on the rug. Neither I nor Zoe was in no hurry to go the last line in our relationship. We just caressed and kissed. Zoe my nipples again caressed the tongue, I am stunned with gratefulness. Girlish affection I felt for the first time. Then I repeated the same thing, small breast gently sucked into his mouth. Three hours later, we realized that we should move to a more intimate relationship, but Zoe wouldn't let me: - I want the first time with a man I was in the crib! You will be able to arrange it? And I'm hungry! Long before we reached grandpa's house, blueberries or raspberries eat. With raspberries it was fine, but blueberry has the problem. I tried to get settled so as not to see the little protruding ass, she had me terribly excited. Got a lot of mushrooms in a plastic bag. Near the village appeared a woman on a motor scooter: - ice cream? We wished, and for an hour licking the sweet lips to each other. Problems with adults was not all departed. My grandparents went to look at the next newly-born granddaughter. We were left in the care of twenty People. An intimate relationship with Zoe again deposited. We were very hungry, and ate everything ready edible products in the house and went to his Hercules. Baby food Jeanne defended. The rain began to drizzle, We were guilty, six hours from the station home was getting! Fifteen minutes is usually enough. Zoe did not panic, she set the stew chicken, which was discovered in the freezer and went into the garden. I covered it with a cloak and mercilessly groped little ass. Breast I didn't forget to squeeze! Extracted from vegetables Zoya incredible yummy cooked. Delicious mushroom soup it still happened. Sated, we fell asleep chastely, leaning on the bed. In the evening we awoke, I slowly began to get into Zoe's panties. The girl obviously liked it, delicate fingers were in mine. But then Jeanne was: Let's finish our champagne! But vodka grandfather drinks nothing, what good to disappear? A year and a half I bore a child and breast-fed. Alcohol to dream, dared not! Join me! Or I begin to blackmail! The girl I did not expect to see in your bed! Immediately come into the big house! She angrily slammed the door! - You don't drink too much! - plaintively whispered to Zoe - I don't want a drunk guy losing virginity! The process of deprivation of virginity of the girl and guy of innocence lasted several hours. We caressed, kissed, gladiolis. For the main few minutes it took. Late in the morning really wanted to have Breakfast. We went down and found the kitchen. Jeanne was feeding there baby, my great nephew! She sympathetically looked and broke four eggs in the frying pan. Spellbound as we looked at the transformation of transparent eggs in the scrambled eggs. - Items in the house left! If Zoe does not cook lunch, similar to yesterday, today will die of hunger. - What problems, laughed Zoe, ran through the kitchen, found a couple of bulbs, garlic, salt and pepper. Then in the garden flew, cucumbers, zucchini scored, dill and parsley. In the cellar I was forced to climb, a dozen of last year's potatoes to bring. Then he ran to the store, bought a fresh chicken, eggs, mayonnaise, ketchup, sour cream and sticks of ice cream. - How are you this miracle have managed to discover? She is the perfect wife! I was amazed Jeanne. About bed relationship nothing I haven't told her. They also turned out to be perfect. We woke up, Jeanne sometimes in bed morning coffee brought, but for such a service lovers had to roll the child in a wheelchair. We loved it. A month we all got along, then grandma and grandpa came back. Zoe instantly went home. I visited with her, about forty kilometers was on the train. In a small town was a pretty custom, local Broadway young couples put themselves on public display, I was just walking around, not even cuddling, holding hands. The passage meant: "That's my girl, that's my boyfriend". After that was supposed to escort me to the door, then someone as lucky. With Zoe we had a long kiss. On the upper floor for serving tea to hold I couldn't, the parents were there. From the entrance I came out the company of boys and girls immediately surrounded. With one I would have coped, but they were ten people. - Will you beat? sadly I asked. For you to beat? A guy from another city our girl to the entrance conducted? We are not animals. I want to Express my admiration, you walked with Zoe on Broadway, no one imagined that she is attractive. There's local guys blundered, and the foreigner was able to appreciate, laughed one of the girls. Stories about teenagers are hard to finish. They have a whole life ahead of you. Basic wisdom for the more Mature: "Life is a very complex thing."