Chapter 1. "Girl! Girl, come on! Girl! You have the most amazing legs!" Hearing this, I turned my head and saw the rolling of the Mercedes S-class and protruding therefrom and emitting saliva, "brazen face" in her fifties with glasses and a bald spot on his head. My name is Natasha, I am Russian pretty girl, I live in Minsk. I am short and slender, with beautiful curves and beautiful legs a brunette who loves to play with boys Mature. I don't know what this pervert rather drooled from my ideal as the Golden spiral, ass, sexy legs and divine heels. How do you imagine the ideal female feet? In the female the feet expresses all the harmony of this world: they must be rather narrow, giving the impression of length, with the perfect harmonious lines, curves, pronounced heels and pads. In short, if you want to understand what is the perfect proportion or the universe beauty, just look at my lovely feet. I approached the car and bent down, brought his face close to the old pervert: "Dad, where's your mother?" I saw drool it started when my chest was five inches from his eyes. "She's not hurt us! And why do we need someone? We can do this! Yes, my sweet?", blatantly said he already put his hand to my protruding through the blouse, papilla. I realized that this insolent wife is away and he decided to indulge in the sins while the better half is not home. I decided that it should be a good lesson. You cannot imagine with what pleasure I imagined he would lips trembling to kiss my feet and beg me and then kiss the feet of his wife and beg me to forgive him. "Well, go to you!" "Aha! Jump baby!" I sat in the car, took off his shoes and put his divine feet on the panel mahogany new Mercedes. I saw that he was drooling on my feet and kept an eye on them, so I turned to him, leaning back on the door, and began to flirt with him with her feet: the toes of the leg I blew his ear, hair and nose. "Uncle fucking me. . "Said put his uncle in a small stupor, it was clear he wanted to get to my young, sexy body, and small, particularly stimulating the penis, papillae, to smell the crotch of a young virgin, before he will remove my panties. His penis finally got up the stake when I was swiping my foot on his cheek, and said, "Take your thumb in your mouth!" He took the big toe into his mouth. "Suck!" It is with pleasure sucked the big toe of my right foot and it was obvious that he was almost finished with what is happening, and we almost had an accident, so I stopped to flirt with him and put the legs back on the panel and paused, looking out the window. I felt Nabokov Lolita, "Humbert" was taking me, of a young beautiful girl to the most vile way to change my better half with me. I saw in his face, like he thinks I'm a fool, and took advantage of this, it would be messy to have me in every one, to satisfy your sleazy lusts. From these thoughts I was getting angrier and this poor guy was waiting for more and more terrible fate. Finally we arrived. We went to a swanky apartment, which covers an area of not less than two hundred square meters. Everywhere were pictures of his wife and children. I took one picture to see the photo of his wife: "Yes, uncle, you have a strict aunt. . ""He came up to me on the fly clothes: "let's do this. . Come on! Take off your clothes", sputtered lustful uncle. "Let's play!" "Yes! Come on! Come on!" you could tell he can't wait to see the Coca surprise I had planned for him. "Quickly undress to a goal!" Horny uncle threw off his clothes with such speed that he almost tore it, if it was not filmed. And now he was standing before me naked. "Where is the lingerie wife?" A pervert showed me the place where his missus keeps his underwear. I took black stockings and panties his wife and threw him: "Put! Quickly!" He began with great excitement flowing saliva, and stood penis to wear stockings wife. After he put on the stockings and panties of my wife, I ordered him to kneel. "And how long left your missus?" "The day after tomorrow will come back in the evening!" "Excellent!""Quick get some rope, honey, and we're so going to have fun. . "Sweet for three seconds found a few meter piece of rope. "On the floor face down, hands behind your back!" "Yes, my Lady!" I was thinking about how he is stupid, if you allow me such a way to manage. I was convinced more and more that men are very weak between the legs, perhaps even too much. I tied his hands and legs behind his back at one point, and then with a handkerchief tied wife his eyes. "Kiss my feet!" The pervert started kissing my angelic fingers, and I took out his mobile phone and started filming it. "Tell them I am a goddess!" "You're a goddess. . ""You idiot!" "You're a goddess! You magnificent lady. . ""And you, then who?" "And an idiot, I'm nothing. . ", it was evident that anxious pervert like playing domination. "I love to be a slave?" "Love, my Lady!", said the uncle, smacking his lips, kissing my fingers. "Ah, that's it!" "And how's your wife feel about this?" "This Shoe doesn't know anything!" "Shoe? How interesting," I said, continuing to record what is happening on the phone. "Wait! Now will be a surprise!" I went into the bathroom, took the bag in the mesh for drying clothes, then opened the basket of dirty Laundry and shook it. Of dirty Laundry I got dirty socks and panties of the wife of the pervert, and put everything in the grid cloth pouch, then returned to the room where he was lying on the floor completely helpless. "And now, surprise! Ready?" "Yes! Hurry!" "More? You really want this?" "Yes! Yes! Do it!" "I don't know+" "please do!" "Well, well! Persuaded!" I stuffed two socks in his mouth and tied another pair of pantyhose, so a pervert could breathe only a nose, and then put him on the head this rag mesh bag so that the dirty socks and underwear of his wife hanging in his face, and then I pulled the pouch from his neck. Now he in no way could get rid of the taste of the smell of dirty Laundry of his wife. "Honey, how do you like the smell of socks of your wife's dirty underwear?", having said that, I laughed out loud. When he realized his position, then began to kick and something to hum, but I decided that it would be useful a little longer to sniff dirty socks of his wife. Especially when his wife will see the video that I did, then she too will not soon freed from such a terrible humiliation I took his cell phone and in a notebook found phone of the wife of the pervert and was about to leave, but then I thought that I just need to crash somewhere until tomorrow night, but in this apartment it was the best. I walked out of the room in which he lay helpless "Neuchatel socks", the door behind him and decided a little snack, watching a huge TV in the great room. I made myself a snack, poured myself a glass of "Chateau La tour Blanche" found in the bar and lay down on a huge sofa. After eating and watching TV, I went into the room and checked my this loser, who was lying still and not twitch, resigned from his position. "Great+", I laughed, "Relax honey! Think about what you did wrong, try to understand all your mistakes, and you'll understand why they are in this position. + A feed I won't, it will be a lesson to you! The wife will come, feed, if, of course, want to do it after this betrayal+" I closed the door to the room and decided never to return until the next day. I spent the night on the big comfortable couch in the morning took Jacuzzi, leisurely ate and checked out the pervert who quietly lay on the floor in the same position delved into the essence of the smell of socks wives. It is that sort of "mumbled", but it was quite interesting, so I closed the door to the room. I took his phone and called his wife: "Hello! Marina Sergeevna!" "Yes! And who are you?" "Your husband wanted you to change with me, but I tied him up and now he is associated, sniffing your socks from the dirty Laundry. Leave him on bail. When you enter the apartment, look at his phone video before its release. You understand me?" "I got it! And who are you?" I blacked out, and then put the phone in a visible place in the hallway for the wife of a pervert. I got dressed and went out to see him: "Well, dear, yet! Wait for your favorite. . "I said and gently slapped him on the ass with his palm. I got out of the expensive home, said goodbye to the guard and went to the train station. Chapter 2 Winter. I arrived at the hotel at three in the afternoon and was ready to take a walk in St. Petersburg, but there happened to me one of the most horrible events in my life. I have already been out, like, over me you came from the next room, two young people who just did not like me. One of them spoke to me: "Girl, did anyone ever tell you that you just obvorozhitelnym. . ""Thank you!" "Don't you want to come by and get some tea?" "No, I have big plans And maybe still want?" "No, no, thank you!" And then one of them abruptly gagged me and dragged him into their room "don't rock the boat, bitch!" "San, can fuck. . "said the second "do Not ssy. . now write out this bitch for two and all. She's not going anywhere," I tried to resist as best they could, but I saved my favorite ladies Beretta, who three years ago I bought for self-defense. I managed to get him out from under the skirt and put the bastard to the most precious thing he has: "Tell the eggs yet!" "Don't, Please!" "Lift your hands up!" Bastard raised bunches up, the second was standing still. "Both to the window with her back to me!" Bad rapists obeying my order. The first still kept quite confidently, and the second is very much shaken. "Everything! Tell the eggs yet!" And then the second lost his nerve, and he cried, "Girl! Please, don't! I'll admit to everything, just don't do that!" I really was joking and was about to leave, but decided that it will not leave. "So! Both! Quickly undressed to a goal!" "What. .?", stretched first. "Everything! Shoot in the balls!" "Do not! I'm already naked. "Two rapist loser instantly undressed before the goal, remaining standing with his back to me. Of course, they were scum, but ass they were very personal. "Left, on your knees!" The guy who stood on the left got on his knees. "And now turn to each other," They turned and, accordingly, left the bastard in front of the face was the sexual organ of the right, as he was on his knees. "And now the left opens its mouth and gently takes back what he sees before him!" "Oh, you bitch!" "I said quick!" I shouted for the whole hotel, nervously shaking holding a gun. This so has worked on both that the one was on his knees already sucking, smacking the penis of his friend. "Here, boy! And the second first gently pats on the head. . "My wishes fulfilled immediately. "Here, lads. Can, when want!" I picked up the phone and began to take off this pornography, I really wanted this moment to keep the memory. In one hand I held them aimed at the ladies ' gun and the other with the phone removed, as former friends become true lovers. I took two caps and threw these losers. "Take it!" "Why?" asked the second, as the first one was a bit orally busy and could not ask the same question. "Lie down on the bed. Fast! Jack!" Two guys lay down on the bed. "Quickly! Both wore hats to only mouth was open!" This, too, was fulfilled almost instantly. "Excellent! And now take a mouthful of each other and start a marathon! Someone will take out of his mouth a member, then immediately deprived of eggs!" "What. .?" "Quickly, I said!", I again yelled at them in a loud voice. Before I could finish the sentence "marathon" has already begun. They are so beautifully made each other Blowjob I've decided I'm not one of them neutered. I decided that now their friendship has reached a new level, and now they will love each other as before, and new way, how a man loves a woman. I got them to wear hats to sneak away, leaving them in such an intimate moment of their lives. The last time I cried: "Faster suck! And now both shooting eggs!" Having said that, I slipped. I quickly took her things and left the hotel, deciding that to stay here is dangerous. It would be interesting to see the reaction of these two when she finds out that me with a gun for a long time then no, but they have a lot of hours sucking each other's dick voluntarily. So I left the hotel and decided to start the sightseeing of Saint-Petersburg University. 3 I'm already two months back from St. Petersburg to Minsk and sat in his shabby room in the parental home. I was sitting on the bed with a laptop and traveled around the social networks under multiple pages, for the virtual lives I have much. Then I received a message from the sixty-year old grandmother, who is a long-time my client: "Thank you. Boy satisfied me, just got a heavenly delight. Fifty thousand I transferred to the specified account" "He mouth did everything well?" "Yes! Mouth especially! It was fabulous. ""Come again!" "Of course I will. But it's a lot of money, so not often. . "'Good day!' Ten minutes later, I received a message from one of my contact sheets, "I was satisfied with this grandmother. I have fulfilled the conditions. I have nothing else! Did you delete the pictures?" I said, "Yes, you're done. She is very happy. You know how God knows who to send these pictures. You got off easy. I could turn you guys into slavery, and the grandmother to lick it does not matter. So think about what you're doing wrong in life! And I'm not going to delete, but I promise not to show anyone!" "How can I be sure that nobody will see?" "And I need it?" "I think not. All? I'm free?" "Like the wind!" Shut the laptop and went into the bathroom. Taking a good bubble bath, I wondered how I was going to spend earned this month six hundred twenty thousand roubles. I really wanted an apartment to buy, but because of my parents that was impossible, because no one was supposed to know about how I earn so much money. In these reflections I received a message from an unknown: "Madam! I want to be your slave. Virt, real. Moscow" "How many years?" "16" Well, here's another victim came. The victim in my business will climb like cockroaches, even advertising is not needed. "Wirth. Photo report" "Good! Anything!" "OK! Send twenty photos. First: stockings in full view. . and the last: with a banana in the ass and so great was the quality. Yes, and video take off, as you're doing it with a banana. You have one hour" "Yes, Madam! I'll do it. . ""That's another hundred thousand," I thought to myself and sighed a little. I had a principle: Those who are under the age of sixteen I was just handed over to parents, from sixteen to eighteen - no more than one hundred thousand rubles to the nose of the earnings to them. Eighteen - no more than two hundred thousand rubles. And most importantly, what is not known is the fact that I am in any case no one will pass, they will pay or not. Thus, by the most scrupulous of blackmail, I forced the slaves to do anything for me: someone met grandmothers who somehow give middle-aged someone men someone sent "spam", for which I was paid customers, someone wrote term papers and more. The important thing is that revelations didn't want one too it's scary that everyone will know about your inner life. Yes, and the Russian-Belarusian relations has allowed me to do in Russia, on the Internet, anything. If I found out about the bodies, they would rather kiss me than punished. Now, that's a great policy! =) PS I know I like my stories to someone or not.