This is another story of the adventures of the singer Nana (from "Hot fan"). Written to order.

The holiday was fun. Despite the fact that tonight's concert, the birthday of the boss has not been canceled. This is holy.

Nana did not drink the supportive, only sipped a little, so as not to offend the birthday man. All the others noted nicely, alcohol flowed like a river. The hero of the occasion was all the time near Nana. She always knew what he liked, and now, after drinking a lot of sake, Satoru looked at her all the hotter, more and more often kept her eyes on her.

The time has come to congratulate the birthday boy and Nane, but what she ordered for him as a gift was godlessly late. They confused, took her gift to another part of the city and will be able to deliver it only late in the evening.

Satoru is not a touchy person, cheerful, positive. They laughed at the whole team, assuming - and there were all sorts of different ideas - what Nana ordered for him. It seemed that they agreed on the most vulgar idea - that this is a doll for love. And they were right. Only Nana, of course, did not admit it ...

Satoru hugged Nana tightly, still chuckling, kissed his lips in a corner.

- I would like from you and another gift ... - whispered in his ear. The tone of his speech did not confuse, he said jokingly or seriously.

- Which one? - Nana smiled at him, slightly moving away and looking into his eyes. Her eyes sparkled with the promise of possible execution.

“I’ll say after the concert,” he winked slyly at her and immediately turned his attention to the other guests.

... It was a daytime, and now evening, a concert. Fans, the music flows into the blood. And sex in every movement, in every rhythm, in every sound. How does it get!

A few short breaks for changing clothes and finally a long one. You can catch your breath a little, come to your senses, drink some water.

She ran into the dressing room and shuddered in surprise: Satoru Nojima was sitting in a chair in front of the mirror, holding a glass with something intoxicating. He turned to her with a smile.

- Ltd! Nana, my sweet-voiced bird, well, finally came, I waited. It is so unpleasant to drink alone and even on your holiday.

He was drunk.

- Satoru, dear, I will drink with you with pleasure, but only after the concert. I'm waiting on the stage, you know. Even here you can hear them scream! - a smile smiled on Nana’s face involuntarily.

- wait! - he waved his hand and got up from his chair. He approached, pulled a proprietary neck and dug into her lips. So, that the glasses creaked on his nose.

Nana could not resist. Firstly, I did not want to offend the birthday man. Besides the chief. Secondly, it immediately responded to the sexual languor that accumulated during the whole concert. She answered him, dropping a moan into a moist, hot mouth that smelled of alcohol and passion. Satoru chuckled, pulling the actress closer to him.

- Satoru ... wait ... the concert ... - was able to whisper between kisses.

- wait. I want a gift...

He slightly pressed on her shoulders, making it clear what kind of gift he wants to receive. Nana backed away in surprise, not believing her own feelings.

- Satoru, what do you mean?

Okay, kisses: she is clockwork from the concert, he is from alcohol and holiday. You can write it off. Previously, there was no such thing between her and the boss. And then just such a turn! Maybe she did not understand him.

- Nana, suck me ... I want you to suck me ...

No, it did not seem. Stunned by such a direct request, Nana knelt without resistance. And she looked up, still unable to believe that this was happening to her.

Satoru unbuttoned his pants, in a hurry to introduce his old friend to a new acquaintance. He jumped out, elastically striking the singer's nose, and impatiently glided along her lips along. The birthday boy just enjoyed the view of the kneeling Nana with his dick on his wet lips.

- Get the language ... That's it! Lick these magic drops for your neck ... Lick it. Now open your mouth.

He stuck into her mouth and froze, shielding his eyes from pleasure.

- Oh, yes, my little bird! This is the best gift from you!

Cock increased, filling the mouth, rushing into the throat. Nana twitched from him, tears came to her eyes. Satoru began to move in her mouth, rhythmically, to the music of musicians on stage, to the noise of the fans in the hall.

- Na-na! Na-na, the fans have already chanted, calling her to the stage.

An administrator burst into the dressing room, knocking on the door a couple of times unconvincingly.

- On the stage, On ... - and stopped in mid-sentence, appreciating the scene that appeared before him.

Nana was twitching, but Satoru pressed her head to his groin and impatiently waved his hand to the administrator to clean it.

- Ten minutes! - a young admin gave a limit in a whisper and left, once again casting the desired glance at the singer.

- Satoru, I have to go to the stage! - released a member of the mouth displeased Nana.

“It is in your interest to finish congratulating me more quickly,” the boss grinned drunkenly and smeared a wet head on her nose.

- Well ... - the singer with a confident movement pulled off the pants from the hips of the men with shorts.

- Lick eggs, - the chief raised his penis, so that it was more convenient for her to carry out his instructions, and slightly spread her legs for balance.

Nana pressed her lips to the tender balls. She took one in her mouth, then another. erotic stories Ride their tongue. Spent tongue along the penis to the head, back. Returned to the testicles, dived tongue deeper, under them, playfully tickling the anus. Satoru groaned, pressing his beloved singer's head closer. She became harder to lick the genitals and anus of the chief.

“... our beloved Nana has problems with her throat ...” meanwhile, the administrator was speaking from the scene. It seems he did not specifically shut the door, so that Nana could hear what was happening in the hall. “Now she is going to throat, and perhaps she will delight us again with her charming voice.”

- Yes, yes, now we will treat your throat! - carnivorous grinned Satoru. - Open your mouth, patient ...

Nana obediently opened her mouth, letting in not a spoon for examining the throat, but a leather elastic stick.

“Yeah,” the chief moaned, pulling the singer's head on his cock. Dolbya sweet throat. Nana grabbed Satoru's buttocks to keep her balance.

“Let's support Nana,” the administrator shouted at the scene. - Who wants to sing her Guilty song on stage? ... Yes, come on you, beautiful ... and you, young man ... So, we are leaving. Music!

Music sounded, and the girl with the boy began to sing out of place, but very passionately.

Nana pushed the handle between the legs of the boss, a gentle finger confidently began to caress and minus the anus of a man.

- Oh, you devil! I always knew you were a hot little thing! - Satoru spread his legs wider, allowing Nana's finger to penetrate him. - You need to fuck and fuck! And do not be filled with you in any way.

Nana grinned as much as the position in her mouth allowed her. Still, now, rather, she fucked the boss, and not him. Although ... all the same at the same time.

In the abdomen everything ached and blazed with desire. The singer impatiently raised the hem of her short stage skirt with her free hand, and her fingers dived into the hot moist folds of her nature. She screamed with pleasure, more actively sucking dick Satoru and more furiously planting his finger in his anus.

Because of her loud moans and skillful mouth and fingers, the boss could not bear it any longer. Snarling, he drove his cock deep into her throat and began to cum. Nana swallowed and swallowed the magic medicine for her throat, until the source was exhausted. She licked and sucked every drop and smacked the fallen worker in the head.

- You're lovely, Nanochka! - patted her head and without that disheveled hair. - Now show me how you do it yourself ...

Satoru went to the table, where there were all sorts of bubbles with perfume and cosmetics and chose a bottle that seemed suitable for him. It seems to be a foundation.

- Will it? - he playfully raised an eyebrow, watching Nana. She is ...

sat on the couch, bending one leg at the knee and setting her aside, and masturbating. Panties remained lying on the floor.

- Yes Yes...

She took the bottle from the hands of the chief and, first licked it, slowly inserted it into herself. She took it out - it glittered with grease - and put it in again. More and more. Arched, podmahivaya booty to the beat of his hand.

Satoru watched with a luminous look of lust. He sat down next to her, stroked her bare legs, unbuttoned her blouse, freeing her breasts, and pressed his lips to her nipples.

“Let me,” finally intercepted her hand, slippery from discharge, and sent the bottle to her hot womb.

- Yeah ... Faster! - Nana arched and moaned loudly with her eyes closed. - Snoooo ...

Satoru actively hammered a hot hole of the singer with an improvised member. He pressed his lips to the brilliant juice from the clitoris, sucked it, without stopping the active actions with his hand. Feeling how Nana's body began to tremble, he knelt on the floor, slightly lowering her ass from the couch, and putting a newly strengthened member to her second hole, pressed and entered. The bottle pressed by Satoru's body also entered all the way. Nana arched, screamed, and huddled in his arms.

- Why are you so yelling! - the administrator burst into the dressing room again. And fell short.

Nana danced orgasm dancing on the sofa, Satoru was simultaneously in prostration and in the ass of the singer.

When they came to their senses, Nana’s mouth was already shut up by a member of the administrator. Thus, all three of her sweet holes were occupied.

- Nana, are you going to go to the stage at all? - Meanwhile, the admin asked, diligently pulling the singer's mouth on his penis. She nodded, planted on him even deeper. Her eyes sparkled with mischief and lust. What is there to build out of yourself "not so" with a member in your mouth ... - They will soon sing all your songs there. It is impossible to listen! - the man continued to complain.

- Shut up! She is not up to the stage today, she congratulates me ... - without looking at the second fucker, she told Satoru. He was fascinated by the bottle disappearing inside Nana and his penis.

- But what to say to the audience?

“And you don’t say anything,” Satoru grinned, pulling a bottle from the singer. The administrator did not have time to answer how this item appeared in his mouth. - Try better ...

The head picked up Nana under the hips and stood up, moving his penis into the freed hole. Not understanding, take offense at such a gesture or enjoy, the administrator chose the latter. Licking the bottle and getting more excited by it, he walked over to the couple and easily found the back entrance to the abyss of pleasure.

Nana groaned, feeling in herself two living members, gave herself into the strong hands of men. The songs that were sung on the stage instead of her were no longer confused and did not stir up the conscience. She was very well now.

The men rebuilt: the administrator sat on the sofa, entering the singer for the full length of his measure of pleasure. Satoru several times deeply and abruptly entered her and groaned throaty, hurriedly jumped out, not holding the fountain of his delight in her hand and pouring hot sperm on the singer from head to head administrator on her back. Nana only giggled rather licked milk, where she was able to get her tongue. The man behind was not very pleased. One movement moved the singer face on the sofa and put her on his knees, he removed all the discontent on her ass. Spanked loudly and abruptly entered it almost vertically.

- Say I'm a whore! - Nana passionately whispered, rubbing the clitoris with a wet palm.

- What? ... You're a whore, Nana! - the administrator said hesitantly and looked back at Satoru. He watched them with a smile, stroking his younger birthday boy.

“Slap her harder,” he prompted. - Sweet fucking bitch!

The administrator obediently slapped elastic ass, parted the buttocks to enter even deeper. This kind of simply demolished the roof.

- Bitch! The slut! Fucking fucking! - he entered into a rage, cursing and loudly slapping her.

Nana howled, drowning in a long orgasm. And felt the warm seed fills it from the inside.

The music on stage ended, and a sudden lover just as suddenly rushed off there, wiping his spattered white face along the way.

- Will you go to the stage? - asked Satoru with a smile, removing strands of hair from Nana’s tired but happy face.

“You threw me a concert, dear birthday,” the singer laughed. - Yes, I'll go, just tidy myself up a little.

She got up, feeling how the sperm is flowing out of her and running down her legs. She dug her palms between her legs and began to rub this sour cream into her hips.

“I like to feel the masculine smell on myself,” she winked at Satoru.

- Well, you and hot kitty, Nana! - He shook his head.

- Yeah ... Thank you for your delicious milk.

He quite laughed.

“... and now Nana will come back to us,” the administrator’s voice suddenly sounded from the stage. - She was diligently treated, and now our sweet-voiced birdie is again ready to please us with her voice ...

- Damn it! - Nana jerked to the mirror, quickly combed the disheveled hair, wiped white smudges from the face with makeup.

- Na-na! Na-na! - already chanted waiting room.

Nana pulled off her stained clothes, looked around for another, and glanced at Satoru’s shirt, which he took off, apparently as soon as he came to her.

- I'll take...

Has put on, on the move buttoning. Running away, she smacked the boss again.

“Thank you, Nanochka, for the gift,” the boss smiled at her. - This is the best gift in my life.

“Please,” the singer smiled playfully. - By the way, I’ll bring you my ordered gift tomorrow. Today you hardly need him anymore ... - winked and flew off onto the stage, light, lively and sexy.

She came out of the dressing room and stumbled. On the threshold lay a pile of roses, her favorite, red with a yellow overflow. She raised a few, pressed to her lips, smiled, remembering something. Oblomov one, stuck in her hair and flew back to the scene, catching the ecstasy of music and dance.

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