Not so often, but still sometimes my wife and I have a desire to party and on one such occasion, I tell you. I myself briefly (to first Lieutenant) military stayed because of friends, students with whom he studied - more than a hundred people. Union collapsed and we who lived where, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. but there are days when we meet and of course, remembering study, drink. One day, when we came to Kiev colleagues from Russia (of course, they are not often seen, and therefore families do not know) , I have a surprise for friends. Nice drunk, I told the boys about my friend whose husband is not, and it should be so and, they say, in my presence, she for a little money will help all to relax. People approvingly asked to ask the lady in the bathhouse where we were going. Nothing to his wife in advance (though I planned it) , I dial the favorite number, and agree to come to me in the bathhouse. She quickly agrees, but when I said that I am not alone, I almost hesitated - who, Yes, as without prior experience, and to see if, etc. But I'm saying that your role is this - you're just my friend, love sex and money, and the guys with me - only four. Wow, hear-Paulik, not much there. I let her calm down, and he is so excited that the pants end. Realizing my mood, and I suppose the most interesting, she said. that leaves. Once in the bath (their own departmental), we for the first time warmed, and after the beer, Yes talk, and then the phone said that his wife out the door. When I myself was stunned, in front of me stood a brightly painted fucking with such a challenge in her eyes that I realized - pulled brandy and seem READY. Zagaldeli guys and excitedly let's help to remove his coat, seated, and differently to show off in front of a lady. It's October and under the coat was the only wife in the costume of fishnet, it was the effect of a bomb. Posletali sheets and towels, the people joyfully surrounded wife started talking compliments, stroking and just blatantly grabbing. So, boys, come on, not all at once, and my wife was pleased with such attention, and cognac has lowered its demands to attractiveness, to assess members. Sergei was already fully aroused, I'm so at all, for about an hour languished, and Sani (both Sasha) is ready. Lily, so to call his wife, sat down and took in both hands for not very strong member, introduced himself to everyone - chmakov in the head, said nice to meet you. Sergei was right there, framed his cock, and when his wife turned to him almost ever asked for - Take it all. Asking for a long time, and sticking the whole dick disappeared in his mouth as could fit. Sasha began to really swell and everyone was fine with this, to be in place of Gray. And I went, but I suggested not to rush, they say, and so you have this girlfriend, and when we'll meet again etc and not much climbing, just a bit too wish I didn't miss anything. Then my little one got up and busily ordered the condoms. Pulling out of the bag, it is, again, having kissed each head, seeded two, and the third she pulled the First sachet. Boys, I love crustaceans, she said, and looked right at me, stood up to face me so close that I felt her rapid breathing. Her hands rested on the table that stood between us. It turned out that she chest lay on the table fully exposing ass to the wolves. The first burst Sergei, tightly pulled his wife to himself by the hips, began to push his cock into pistocco my favorite. See Lily already sags in the back, very she likes sex from behind, and I just don't really like because doing it is not so often. Good, strong cock, good posture, brandy, and the atmosphere immediately retromania wife, forcing the usually quiet passion manifests itself out a sweet moan, which further inspired guys, and Sergei began to move more often and sharper. Wife, licking her lips, beaming, leaning face to the table, then looking at me said something like how cool is that Mm. Serge, tapping again more deeply, and began to cum, nalegke on the back of my females, clasping his hands over his chest. He may have stayed in that position, pressed against, but Sasha - the First is impatiently began to push his hand to the warm and wet pussy of his wife. Quickly replacing comrade Sasha, began to do rotational movements, so much so that Lily rolling his eyes, just moaned softly. On the second fighter was the most powerful, must be 22 cm and 6-7 in diameter. The veins on it very vividly, it appeared and then went all deep. Sasha was not so harsh, knowing his groomsmen, so gives a feeling of fullness, drove them slowly, like a bow. His wife sometimes had arms to limit the depth of penetration. A few minutes later, Alexander turned the wife on the back with his feet up on his shoulders. The level of the table could not have been better and we Powhatan spreading legs wife, he could easily admire how slutty it looks rosy, trimmed bosom, sucking and puffing lips tight, and what's important to me in a FOREIGN MEMBER. Knowing my wife, I was lightly fingering a clitoris, and my dear podmahivaya, just tried to pet the other, free male organs. Blowjob during sex she does not like, as focusing on their feelings, she just stops sucking, and then expressing his gratitude, probably managed by the skin of my cock was deep stick her mouth, blowing me almost immediately. Swallowing my cum, only then releasing my cock, she almost blabbed, said Paulik, these boys a miracle. Sanya already stopped, but I quickly corrected the situation by saying that we are friends. Sucking is another, not my dick, Lilka pressurized Sanya-the First and, jumping down from the table, opened the bag. There was a cream that lubricates and at the same time, has a stimulating effect as a tight friction big plus on a condom, reduced the amount of natural lubrication. Lily is once again the crustaceans collected in the palm of your hand, tired of the Wiener so that the light pulse was almost immediately felt. Sanya-the Second, already hard nozzle pushing her belly in my favorite slutty buttocks, leaving a depth of already well potrachennoe pussy. I think the cream did give my result because of pizdenki was heard squishing caucauses sound, interspersed with moans of both. When he had finished, the Second Sanya, took out his cock and knelt down and plunged his face in the bosom of my beloved, licking all the moisture. Not saying a word, we put our sex fun on the table and then spun the carousel, hands, lips, members, nipples and only one but to all four of you, my dear, pisechki. Plenty alaskensis, we went into the steam room, where the wife again caressed and nurtured all who wanted, only I was more an observer. After the sauna and Beers, we sat on the bench hardly, and Lily, walking between us, and forbade myself to touch, then RUB my pubes on my cheeks, booty. Then, she took us up to his feet, and clasping his hands behind his neck guy, with his back pressed against his chest, became booty to RUB on our cocks, exciting and giving rise to a new wave of desire. Every teasing, she knelt in the center and not worse than a porn actress, began to suck and jerk off all four of the trunk. Sergey spoke about the Pope, but she doesn't like, and says fucked enough already, so just said that milked the cum all certainly. Really, we are not resting very long, spilled his seed on the neck and chest to his wife, and only my last dojima, she defiantly had a drink, pointing to the language of sperm. The time goes unnoticed. Sanya is the Second really didn't want to let her go, and when my sweetheart call home, everyone was asked to go to his room. Direct sorry the guy to watch, go says, but it can and with me will leave... His wife: "Sania, I have children, Yes, I see, I like to fuck like, well, why do you sladushka," and he: "No, give me the phone number, and sex I'm very pleased, so if together, you'll fuck how I want." And because not much was drunk, and he talked. Lily, glancing at me, put his hand on his cock and pulled him into another room where they stayed for a long time, an hour, probably. We knocked softly but there. Then my wife told me that for almost an hour he just kissed her everywhere and said that he would try to persuade to change his mind. Only after he raped a third time, and so if "love", what are the condom, cumshot in mouth. Returning to us, my dear, not forgetting about the payment, gathered from all fifty (just) bacinci, (only the second one took) is GONE. We then dolgonko, still 3 hours sat and everyone was talking about it, and sorry for that one, and well, that one, and maybe more to give, yeah come again, and we may be able what. And only I was for the first time in this cover, or I my feelings can't call. Just this time, we were all COOL with FUCKING.