The plane gained altitude, and she prayed to God that it would all end quickly. Although what is over? This is her job. She argued and ... lost. And was forced to become a flight attendant. She hated flying. It was an honor to work for this elite airline, but not for her. Getting here was not difficult. She had all the data for this. Growth, long hair, beautiful face. When she went to the salon, all the men wanted her. But she didn’t care much about it. She had sex twice in her life. At school and on the first date, and both times the men were miserable. So many novels about the virtues of orgasm, so many hours of porn, and things are still there - she was not excited.

Many of her colleagues wanted to get exactly on this flight, and no one recognized why. So far, one of her old friends has not revealed the secret. Very sexy pilot. About his sexual skills were legends. One of them said that he had never had sex on earth, only in the air. The girl did not see him, and she was not interested. As soon as the plane takes off, it will take its medicine and will work on the hated work.

A handsome pilot noticed her still near the booth with a flight schedule. “What a delicious. On what flight will this strawberry fly? ”The girl was tall, with gorgeous ash hair and a very sexy figure. His member responded with an instant reaction when he presented how nice it would be to push her into the closet toilet and give a couple of orgasms. He loved sex in the air. Perhaps it was due to a change in pressure or something else, but the sensations were a hundred times stronger. The orgasms were so powerful that he was hooked on such exotic sex for a very long time, and he no longer imagined sex life outside the voyage. Pretty went towards his gate. He licked his lips. Hundreds of thoughts passed through his head. What does it taste like? How does she moan? How kisses? How does blowjob? Does “deep throat” love? He had to jerk off before the flight, giving free rein to his imagination.

His plane was different. Only rich people could afford to fly this flight. The capacity of the aircraft was only fifty people. Two floors, the best conditions, drinks, plenty of space and comfortable toilets. For a man it was important. His physique and height would not allow him to have sex in a normal toilet.

He went to the salon and looked around. The passengers gradually filled the space and the flight attendants finished the preparations. With small eyes, he noticed two girls whispering about something. Interesting ... He turned around and almost stumbled upon a third stewardess. His penis tense again - they fly together.

- Hello, I am doubly lucky today. - He gave her one of his famous smiles.

- Hello, congratulations, let me pass. We finish the final preparations. The girl glanced at him and he did not see the delight in her eyes.

- I am the pilot of this flight, my name is Philip. He devoured her eyes.

“I am very glad to meet you, sir,” the girl forced a smile on duty, “my name is Victoria.” You are also blocking my passage. Allow?

Philip could not see enough of her. Her slightly plump lips chained his eyes. He wanted to knock the tray out of her hands and give her a deep, sensual kiss. The idea to try her pussy became obsessive.

Victoria came to the rest of the flight attendants.

- What did he say to you? God, he's walking sex. And his smile? The girls were whispering excitedly about the hot pilot.

- A man like a man. Nothing special. Well, maybe a little cute. Girls, we take off soon. It is necessary to finish everything. Has anyone checked the toilets?

- No, go check it out. Maybe you are lucky and you will experience the joy of sex. The flight attendants laughed.

Philip was a bit shocked. The girl did not try to flirt with him, flirt or even show signs of attention. For such a life did not prepare him. The first time he had the idea that he might not have time to have sex. The flight will last only five hours. He was not satisfied with this state of affairs. He began to search her eyes and noticed that she went into one of the toilets. The man rushed there.

Victoria finished the final preparations and rubbed the mirrors. It seemed to her that the door opened and she turned to the entrance. Her eyes were buried in a man's jacket. Raising her eyes a little higher, she stumbled upon the calm gaze of her dark gray eyes.

- Hello. Are you ready to take off?

- Not. Not ready. I haven't taken my medicine yet. I hate flying.

“How did you get to this position if you hate flying?” - Philip thought it was a joke.

- Argued with one person. Details are not important. Now I'm a steward who hates flying. Every time before the flight, I take medicine that slows down my sense of fear.

The man noticed how beautifully the highlights from her hair gleam and he wanted her even more.

- I want you.

- Sorry, what?

- I want to have sex with you. Philip pulled her close to him and looked into her dark green eyes.

- You know, it flatters me, of course, but that's not my problem. The girl took the gloves off her hands.

- In what sense is "not your problem"? I want you, not someone else.

- Philip, I think rumors are about you. This time. Secondly, I do not just do not want sex with you, I do not want it in principle.

Sickle in the balls. What the fuck?

- So, explain to me what is happening. Is this your joke? See my reaction? Well done, you are very interested in me. I want to fuck you even more now.

Victoria looked him straight in the eye and slowly said again:

- You are not interested in me sexually. I don't want sex with you. That's clearer?

The man refused to recognize the minute defeat. Pressing her against the wall, he whispered at her lips.

- Everybody wants sex with me. I am the god of sex. I will wait for you in this closet to prove it.

- You can wait for me as you please and wherever you want. I have passengers and work. And you are a pilot. And you need to land this damn plane. And then you go and find your "sex". The girl pushed him away and out of the closet.

The plane took off and Philip left it for co-pilot and autopilot. He had a plan. Two flight attendants giggled quietly while preparing drinks for passengers. He came up behind one of the girls and with a look drove the other away. His hand slowly stroked the girl's thigh, rising up. Taken aback girl screamed and turned her head, stumbled upon his lips. He devoured her passionately. "High-altitude excitement" hit him in the temples. YES!

- Are you wet for me?

- Yes, sir. I've been waiting for this for so long. The girl sent his hand to the entrance and began to tease herself with his help.

“Tell me,” his long finger slowly entered her, and found a sensitive dot, “does our new flight attendant really not want sex, or is she showing off?”

- I ... I'm not sure. She arched her back to draw her finger deeper.

- Why are you not sure? - his finger went deeper.

“She really didn't say anything about that.” The girl moved her hips.

- I know what you know. More information and my fat dick tease your very wet pussy a little bit.

- I will say everything I know, please enter me.

Philip smiled. Women loved his dick. Yes, and that was love. Over twenty centimeters of pure flesh. For him, the length was not so important. He was proud of being thick. The big head helped to bring women to the top very quickly. The man wetted his penis with his hand and very slowly, torturing, entered the girl. He did not need her to finish at once, he loved to keep them "on the edge."

“I'm listening to you,” his lips bit her earlobe lightly.

- She has aerophobia. As a child, she almost crashed on an airplane. And, since then, she hates flying.

He slightly pushed his dick, causing a girl's pre-orgasmic tremor.

- She really does not like sex? Or also cockroaches in the head?

The stewardess grabbed the rack.

- God, as well. Do not stop, please.

Philip did not want her to finish early, and stopped.

- Phil, well, please, let me cum.

- Information!

- She never experienced an orgasm, and never masturbated. Her men cared only about themselves. And there were only two or three of them. Therefore, she is a virgin mentally, but not physically.

The man abruptly took out his penis and closed his fly.

- How interesting. Thanks for the information.

A virgin, but not a virgin. What an interesting find. And with such external data. His brain refused to think about work and never stopped drawing fantasies, one more sophisticated than the other. Aerophobia means. You just need to relax. And give aphrodisiac. A little cocktail and a lot of strawberries. He will smile at his cunning.

Cook neatly sliced ​​tomatoes on the decoration. Seeing the hot pilot, he smiled.

- Hi dude. Well, how many already exhausted?

- About that. I need your help. Please, make me a pile of strawberries and fields - this is all some kind of alcohol sauce. I need to seduce the new one.

- Is that the one with the gorgeous hair? Oh, how I imagined how relish it can be to grab them and stick them.

- Hey, you'll stick after me. You have twenty minutes.

Going down the stairs to his cabin, he stumbled upon Victoria.

- Hello, my love, and I already searched you here. Today we threw lots and a “tasty” prize from the chef you get ... you. Go up to David in about twenty minutes.

The girl gladly devoured strawberries. She adored her.

“David, you're just a wizard.” I have never tried this sauce. Sweet and scalding at the same time. As if alcohol was added. You know, we can not drink.

- Of course, dear. These are just Persian spices. Very suitable for fruit. The cook watched as the girl licked the sauce from her fingers and straightened her cock - the scene was very seductive.

After a couple of hours, the passengers' drinks were carried apart and the plane was calm. Philip went up to the kitchen to check how Victoria was there and saw the most amazing picture. Very pretty girl cute laughed with a helpful cook. The man felt a slight jealousy.

- Hi dear. I see the mood improved?

“Phil, you know what kind of funny jokes David knows.” I'm laughing for about twenty minutes.

- Yes, he turned on us. Come on, I need you to show me where the machines are stored in our toilets. One passenger urgently needed.

- David, prepare the second batch of strawberries, I'll be back soon. Victoria fun waved to the cook.

Opening the toilet door and taking a step inside, the girl was tightly pressed the body of the pilot. He whispered in her ear:

“I won't let you go from here until you get an orgasm, or better yet, two.”

“Then you will have to settle here.” I do not experience orgasms. The girl laughed loudly.

- Then, the men were losers.

He pulled her panties and put her mouth over her pussy. The girl screamed.

- Philip, what are you doing? Stop it. God ... what ... are you ... doing? She gripped his hair with one hand and the wall with the other. The man gently opened the "petals" and gently licked the girl. He wanted her to finish quickly and hard, but changed his mind. For her it will be the first time, so let them enjoy it.

The girl was slightly dizzy from a million different sensations. Strawberries began to act and blood slowly flowed to the genitals. Philip's language shamelessly fucked her tongue, occasionally caressing her clit. It seemed to her that her nails were very deeply pierced into his head. She felt the man's tongue roll over the sensitive pea with her tongue and groaned. Waves of incomprehensible and strong pleasure began to gain strength. The girl trembled and the man more sucked the clitoris. The orgasm came unexpectedly and covered it with a burst wave. She stifled a cry with the sleeve of her jacket. Her legs trembled, the blouse stuck to her body, she almost cried. Philip rose from his knees.

- I knew you could. Sex is awesome.

The girl looked at him with eyes full of surprise.

- It was something. And so every time?

- Haha, only if a man knows his business.

He pulled her to him and found her mouth. Strawberry. She tasted like strawberries everywhere. His fingers gently stroked her slightly swollen nipples. She had to start again. He plentifully wetted his finger and started teasing her clit again. Victoria clutched at his shoulders.

- I'm big, so you have to be very wet.

She began to gasp for air when a man’s tongue "put" saliva on her entrance. Spitting on his hand, he wetted his dick.

- I terribly want you to blow, but I want to get into you more. Relax.

He gently kissed her lips, while his finger flirted with the clitoris again. The girl gasped when the big head gently squeezed into the tight hole. Philip was careful. If it were someone else, he would not have experienced and just would have planted. It was different with her. He wanted to give her a lot of pleasure. His tremors were soft, but stubborn. Going in half, he stopped, give her the opportunity to get used to the size. The fingers of the man continued to play with her clit. He came out almost to the end, but not to the end and gently entered again. The girl moaned.

- This is ... an indescribable feeling.

Victoria felt like a huge dick gently stretches it inside. The barely noticeable pain immediately gave way to spasms of pleasure. The orgasm was born somewhere deep and promised to be very strong. She did not even know what to expect. Philip steadily increased the pace, passionately kissing her on the lips. He felt the tight muscles of her pussy. They literally shoved him out, and he “fought” for every push. Sweet flour. The “rings” shrank harder and harder and he could not stand it. Her body trembled from the covering orgasm and he finished with her. Continuing to move, he gave her tight muscles another orgasm, and finished again.

Taking a breath, he looked at her and smiled.

- I hope, now you will fly only with me.