It was a hot summer. My friends and I had a few drinks and decided to continue somewhere cool. Long did not hesitate to come to me, I lived at Tiffany. We didn't have air conditioning, but the apartment was in a shady area and it was relatively cool. Upon entering the apartment, I introduced my friends mother-in-law, Meet my mother-in-law Irina, mother-in-law is my best friends Valery and Sergey. - We have a little sit down, I said to the mother-in-law. - Now I get you something to cover up in response, she said. Mother-in-law very quickly arranged a table. Valera offered her support to the avaricious man's company. Mother-in-law gladly accepted the offer and sat down at the table. After a few shots, the coolness of the room has not saved us, was stuffy. I took off my shirt and offered it to make friends. Stripped to the waist we continued our party. Irina apologized and left the table, telling us that you put them on something too easy. When she entered the room to our surprise there was no limit. She had on a silk robe, through which were clearly visible her white panties, wide bedri Indian woman and a gorgeous bust of the 6th dimension. Sergey offered a toast to a wonderful mother-in-law that was approved by the whole male team, mother-in-law was also not against. Serge Valera was sitting on the couch, and I on against the chair. After drinking glass for Irina, Serge invited her to sit between them, to which the mother agreed. After five minutes we decided to smoke on the balcony. - Come on boys let's have a cigarette, and I'll update the table, said the mother-in-law and went to the kitchen. After the break the table was set to zero and we continued our evening. Valera came another toast, again for the mother-in-law brotherhood. The first drink with her Valera, they drank and then he kissed her. Serge stood and turned to his mother, saying that now it's his turn. Mother-in-law shyly replied that she so much can't drink. Here engaged in a dialogue I. - Beloved mother-in-law, said I, to the brotherhood, to drink with everyone. - All means all quietly smiled mother-in-law and drank with Sergei. We ate and it was my turn to drink with her. I stood up and reached across the table to his mother. She stood up to reach for my glasses. We drank slowly, then I gently began to kiss on the lips. I did it as long as possible, because such sweet lips rarely seen on earth. Mother-in-law did not resist, but it was obvious that she was shy not comfortable position, which she was. As she stood back to my druzm and the hem of her robe cling food off the table. I pulled away from a lingering kiss and asked friends to raise Teschin robe, so it is not dirty. My predlojenie not long to wait, suddenly they immediately from the two sides lifted the hem of his robe so that before their eyes were round Teschin ass, which slightly covered up the delicate panties. I again began to kiss her and our kiss went just awesome Hickey. Just can't imagine what happened this time, but Serge Valera as frustrated with the chain dogs rushed to kiss her jagodichki. Irina tried to free himself from my arms, but I'm supporting my friends in this game put his hand under her Bathrobe and began to stroke her gorgeous Breasts. - Well, what are you doing, whispered mother-in-law! My love, I said in her ear, this is not possible not to do that especially with you. And continued to kiss her slowly rastegaeva buttons on her coat. Hops Sergei and Valera, apparently, mastered completely. They pushed striped panties on the mother-in-law and began to greedily kiss her pussy. After the first touch of lips Valera's mother-in-law shuddered and quietly moaned. Before me appeared an interesting picture: - mother-in-law bent through a coffee table and two of my friends licking her secret place. I moved the table and knelt down, hugged mother hips and slowly began to remove her panties. Once again she tried to resist, but the finger Seregi was in her vagina. She threw back her head back, grabbed with both hands my head and there was nothing I could do. Irina was in our power. Slowly removing her panties, we are also freed her from the robe. We were faced with a 45 year old in full juice woman. I started to lick her Clit, and the guys fondling the anus. Uttering a hoarse groan mother-in-law shook, I felt the taste of nectar, she got the first orgasm. In a matter of seconds we were all obrozeni. I got up, poured everyone a glass and proposed a toast to love. The proposal was accepted unanimously. We drank slowly and kissed each mother-in-law in all places and the mouth, once again her wildly exciting. She found herself thinking that nothing can help it, but in spite of everything she is really like. However, everything happening to her was just wild with terror, she didn't imagine even in a nightmare, my heart clawing cat, she was very ashamed, her face was burning, her voice shaking. We caught the spirit and made us even more gripped by the desire to possess the mother. We caressed as I could, I licked the clitoris Valera his tongue caressed a chocolate stain, but Serge was licking the nipples. prtseduru not made to wait long, as we heard another shudder mother-in-law and heartfelt groan. I hugged her and slowly began to lower on the couch, she tried to stay on his feet, but after two orgasms her legs were cotton and were not obedient. Serge and Valerie stood on both sides and slowly it began to sink on the sofa. When they sat down on the sofa, I knelt down and began to caress the thighs of a beloved person to me. I really loved Irina and every time when I saw her I was overcome with the desire to possess it. And then, out of the blue, I'm naked with friends and in a few minutes we will have my mother-in-law together. Lord! I thought, the dream came true idiot and slowly spread her mother's legs. I was given a miracle panorama: neatly shaved pussy, soft pink lips drenched in her nectar. I buried my face in her crotch and began to greedily lick, suck her beauty. When I put your tongue between the small lips she twitched in convulsions, her breath became ragged and quickened, her body just squirmed. Serge Valera played her Breasts 6-th size, they are kissing nipples, squeezed and stroked them against what she came even more excitement. I tightly held her ass to the sofa long enough for me to lick her very excited and swollen to fantastic proportions Clit. Literally within seconds we heard a shrill moan she came again. Our members simply tore. And I realized that if my cock won't be between the legs of my wife's mother I cum on the floor. Irina lay still, she'd fly to the fantasy of orgasm, her body and soul were in seventh heaven. Three orgasms in a few minutes and she was not ashamed of her act. She, to her surprise, wanted more and gently started to stroke the members my friends. Then I got up and slowly lay on it, to my surprise, I somehow became a little ashamed to enter into it my friend. But instinct took over reason top, and that's how I decided, and slowly entered her swollen to the limit member into the vagina of his mother-in-law. Aaaaaa, mmmmm, ohhh came out of her mouth. We started a counter movement, her cave was certainly a little developed, but had enough close size. I barely got up, knelt down and began to massage the clitoris to the beat of my movements. Mother-in-law knocked over the head just as he could, bent like a snake and gave a loud scream. At this point, a member of the Valera were against her lips, she eagerly began to suck it. For him it was probably the fastest orgasm in a matter of seconds he vystrelil all the contents of his mother in the mouth. She swallowed the cum and pulled her mouth to cock for earrings, it also instantly emptied. Looking at all this I also strassa and instantly came. We got together and as a team went to smoke, Irina was lying without movement. Coming from the balcony, I went to the kitchen and brought champagne. Our LOVE signs of life were fed. Serge opened the champagne and offered to drink it from Teschin pussy, we agreed. Told champagne as soon as possible and Serge slowly inserted the neck into her vagina, the bottle quickly emptied and we started to drink the wonderful nectar from the pussy of my mother in law. Gasping for juice we once again began to lick the entrance to her cave. Irina got up slowly, her face was not to forget the smile, she kissed each cock and asked me to give her water. Serge instantly flew to the kitchen and brought a glass of mineral water, she drank greedy gulps all of the contents and sank back on the sofa. As we already long time did not drink, except the juice from the vagina mother-in-law, was a proposal to drink. Irina also supported us. We drank standing, emptying our glasses drew attention to the fact that our members are ready to fight. Oh, no, no and no again said mother-in-law. But Valera sat on the couch and pulled her to him, she once again tried to refuse, but his strong hands began to pull her ass on his mighty member. Member he had 20-22 see Mother-in-law realized that resistance is useless once again and asked me to lubricate her ass. I licked her gently and liberally smeared with saliva. She slowly began to descend on mighty dick Valera, when its downward movement has reached its completion Irina smiled and said: "I never thought it was so good," I said, and extending her stronger legs entered the cave. We started it just to fuck with terrible force, she moaned and screamed in pleasure. Serge did not lose got up on the sofa and gave her his handsome in her mouth. A member of his was a little less, but much tolshe and barely fit in her mouth. We finished almost all together, one at a time did it in a wonderful mother-in-law mouth. After another copulation Irina knelt and asked to be fucked in her round ass. Don't know how many times we did it, but every time someone had ass, she was giving a Blowjob to another. Where we have come from so much effort, is known to God alone. Our party passed the night, friends stopped ringing their wives, came up with the legend and left note at the request of Irina, for the night. Until three o'clock in the night we drank and had sex, then all on one couch laid to rest. I woke up first, lay behind mother-in-law hugged her Breasts. Did not have time to think about how my dick just started the search for a crack and, of course, he found her. I started slowly and very gently enter the member Teschin ass, uh, Aah was quietly protonema mother-in-law. Come on son-in-law dear, come again, and I slowly began to move. Then woke up my friends and we have a long time possessed the body of my BELOVED MOTHER in law! From this day on, our meetings become an integral atributam our lives. She was waiting for us every day. We were visited one by one and together. And, of course, was the obligatory visit once a week the three of us!!! She is now 55, but our meetings continue. Mother-in-law all the same blooming!!!