In the kitchen I sat as not alive. Head was floating and no, I have never drunk champagne from yesterday, all of that yesterday I made my nephew....

He is with his mother, my sister came to visit me for the weekend. As always with my son cooked us meat on the grill, and they went out, and me and my sister Luba were sitting to talk and drink champagne. Toward two o'clock in the morning we were already tired and his eyes began to close, deciding to go to bed, cleaned the table and went up to the second floor, separating the rooms in different sides of the aisle. I undressed, showered, dressed, white Terry Bathrobe and plopped down to sleep. Yura and my son Dima was not there, they always walk until the morning and we even did not expect. I woke up from that felt in a secret place what is stirring, opened his eyes and a few seconds departed from sleep, I realized that someone is sitting on the bed, my legs and breathing heavily. I was terrified, and I couldn't figure out who that is and what actually happens. My heart pounded, and the breath start to catch. At this time, a hand was stroking my buttocks, your fingers were touching my hole in the Pope. I was lying on my stomach, one leg tucked under, the room was pitch black, and something to understand and see was not possible. Then I felt that in my pussy, something penetrates though as that it was the finger of the night stranger. I start to get excited and my pussy instantly became wet, her nipples were hard and stood up. I was nice and creepy and scary at the same time, realizing that I was breathing too loud, I decided to change my posture, straightened his legs and lay completely on your stomach, vzhavshis in bed. I wish I didn't do it, I don't know what motivated me then, but I wanted to continue. Hands night visitor crawled under the gown, began to roam my buttocks, and then compress them, I felt like a Bathrobe bare my ass and buttocks apart in different directions. I braced myself for the worst, and it happened on my sphincter I felt a tongue and hot breath. Now I couldn't even say anything, I couldn't even breathe, and the tongue penetrated deeper, it seemed to me that he got to the stomach and now.... I broke down and uttered a long languid moan. The stranger froze, and my butt was empty, when I asked:
- What are you doing?
There was no answer. Moreover, he removed one hand and then the other. Froze so I thought it was all a dream, and the stranger disappeared in the dark. You know what I said next?
- Keep it up!
My buttocks were again in the hands of the guest and the tongue returned to my hole, only now started to walk across my crotch from the priests to the clitoris. I was quite happy, but now that the aura of mystery is gone, I turned back and saw the silhouette of his nephew.
To be continued.