I got married at the big love and never about it regretted. My husband loves me, sometimes indulges, a lot of work... and as a result to good sex does not remain neither forces, nor time - a couple of minutes and he was “blown away”, and I fall asleep unsatisfied. For a long time I was sure that it happens in all families after a few years of marriage, you just need to accept. Above head can not jump. How wrong I was!

If their displeasure I could still “swallow”, then thought about the possible infidelity of the husband just drove me crazy. One day he got stuck at work longer than usual and warned that he would sleep in the office. To somehow distracted, she called her friend and could not help her everything laid out and wept into the phone. Marina as a true friend in 15 minutes was already at my doorstep with a bottle of your favorite wine.

Actually I did not like to complain, but desperation and the fear of losing a loved one has defeated me - after a few drinks I put it there, without hesitation. But Marina was in no hurry to be sad with me. She quite cleverly smiled confidently stating: