In the cab of the truck was warm and I felt great. When you said, "My wife and kids on a ski resort," I said, "We are also in the snow." You put a hand on my knee, and I closed my eyes. Our acquaintance, too, was a kind of miracle. Because of the time of year... It was the evening of the twenty-fourth of December...
With suitcase in hand, I hurriedly crossed the road. Scurried around people, almost all were loaded with different parcels and packages. Passed me bike, inadvertently pushing me, so I bounced on the hood standing at the curb machines. You were on the other side of the street - I was about to climb into the cab of his truck. Great truck, just perhaps, delivered the oysters to the nearest supermarket. You stopped, and then rushed to my aid. I was a little frightened, and nothing more.
Are you all right? - asked you. - Nothing was damaged?
You lifted my suitcase. I noticed that you are much above me, - the growth of TV stars. With a cheerful smile and sparkle in the colors of the winter sea green eyes, which reminded me - why not? - fresh oysters. You said
- Going on vacation?
"Yes," I replied.
I was going to spend Christmas with his parents in Yaroslavl. But I was afraid that the trains are crowded, and I didn't think to reserve a spot. You looked me in the eye, thought for a moment and turned to his truck.
- Listen, I have an idea...

And here we are...
You quickly filled out the papers in his office, I made a phone call and we went into a long, unexpected, amazing Christmas journey.
We climbed a hill. You went slower for a second removed her hand from my knee to change gear, then put it back in place.
- To be honest, you said, I'm very shy.
I loved our strange conversation in which words seemed to carry new meaning. The tone with which you said, "honestly...", promised a lot.
Really? Did I hear right?
Well, maybe not always.
- And today? - I persisted.
- Quite a bit.
Is it me?
Thanks to you.
What do you feel?
- Feel like a criminal.
I think what you say is not so, how to tell an ordinary truck driver. And the way you think I also really liked.
- Funny... - I said.
- For the driver of the truck, right? - you said and smiled again.
I looked down and noticed the thick eyebrows and wrinkles around the eyes. I never doubted that such a wrinkle can be only the most notorious seducer. And I let to seduce you...
I took your hand in his. She was warm, strong, experienced. Lifting her skirt, I offered your big hand to explore my innocence.
- Funny! I didn't think you were such a...
- I'm not a...
What, tonight?
- Today Christmas.
The expression of disappointment on your face made me laugh.
I thought that because of me...
because of you! - I corrected.
And we seal our Pact, exchanging meaningful glances and smiles.
- Look at the road. Our hands are old enough to understand everything without us. Especially yours.
- Big hand not always an advantage, - has noticed you, feeling my panties.
I said nothing, but sat up and pulled off the obstructing part of the toilet. Deeply then sat down in the chair, planted his feet and closed his eyes. Your hand is played in modesty. And at first acted very innocently, stroking her pubic hair, slowly gliding over its surface, lightly tapping with fingers. The truck roared and jumped on the rough roads. His every push was given to me in the lower abdomen, making my nerve endings vibrate in unison.
- Please tell me you started.
And I understood everything correctly. You wanted to know how I feel right now.
- I heard some call her the cat, ' I said. - So, my cat is now just about meowed.
- Love animals - you said.
But they always say love for love, - I whispered, suddenly Oripov after one of your stray fingers entered me. You seem to like to load and slowly remove it from me. I gently put my hand under your hand, felt the gentle fingers, swollen from excitement Bud clitoris and slowly, wanting to prolong the magic of the moment began to stroke him. I closed my eyes and dreamed. In my dreams I was at sea, rocking on the waves. The sea was my vagina, waves beating on the shore, tide, tide, tide, tide... I swam in the depths of the dark and salty, the movement inside me became more insistent: forward, back, forward, back... I turned to the underwater cave, the dizzying abyss. Soon I'll need someone strong, powerful, someone I could fight, to resist. Andrew, looking for the light at the Argonaut. I want to took...
You confidently drove the car, carefully watching of the road, totally indifferent to the war taking place between my legs. You generously offered me a second finger, and he was enthusiastically received, but gradually slowed down, causing me the pain of impatience.
- You're wet! he said.
- You made me wet. I like the pier after the storm... After the waves subsided... I put my hand on your crotch. You lifted to help me unleash your cock. There is nothing more beautiful than to sit here caressing fat cock with a hand, and dream. Me it's just crazy. I almost don't know you, but inside of me there's a seat for you. Even more. At this point I realized how we complemented each other. Member that I held in my hand, I wanted to try all the recesses of my body where only he could penetrate. I would love to take it in mouth, swallow, with incredible desire and appetite, to make part of itself and merge into a single agony. But I knew that if I lean over to him, you'll have to stop the tremendous movement inside me, and that I did not want. The explosion was approaching. I any more in forces was to control himself. I apologetically looked at you.
- I think I'm...
okay well you said and dispelled all doubts.
Your generous resolution carried the storm clouds of my consciousness away.
- Please don't stop!
And you all understand. Your fingers inside me he continued his passionate, exciting journey, timid waltz, capable to destroy any obstacle, hard work, comparable to Sisyphus. Forward, backward, gently, slowly forward, almost slipping out and then forward, back again and with strength in depth... I want you, I want to be with you... the Wave catches me, lick my heels over me... Here it is... I squeeze your frozen, shrunken member in his hand, floating in the waves of pleasure, sitting on a throne of unearthly bliss, experiencing the consequences of sexual . shock...
You parked on the curb and turned off the engine. I turned to you, still gasping and grief. You explained:
- If I hadn't stopped, we'd be in the nearest ditch.
I nodded.
- Yes, Yes, you're absolutely right! Forces me almost gone.
- I was very good, ' I said, and you laughed.
- I'm happy you said and the theatre raised their hands.
And I noticed you on your toes shiny drop of the juice of my love.
- Wait, wait a while and you'll understand that I can deliver a man pleasure.
I leaned forward. Have your cock was exhilarating, wild, masculine scent. Excitement, was hushed, and again rapidly rose in me. I licked the head of your cock. She was slippery. Delicious salty fluid oozed from the small hole and I smeared it first on the pink round head, and then around the thick, strong trunk. I want him to eat. In man there is nothing more edible. It is solid, flexible and so soft that the language you want to dance around it on tiptoe. Your cock is so big that does not fit entirely in my mouth... Well, at least not in my current state... Under the skirt of me still burning. My cat was hungry as well.
- Give it to me
- Ask, ask as follows...
- please, please, Please, please, I madly want it.
- Ask for better!
- Come here, please... I'm burning up. Touch to me. I have inside all wet, take me, otherwise I will go crazy. You will be very good! Go to me!
- Yet! More!
- Come here, damn it... Look, he also wants me. He's all bloodshot, he was going to explode if you don't stick it in me. Fuck me, please! He will enter me without any problems, we are both ready... you can't be so selfish, you cannot store such a great thing for yourself. Look, I'm open to you. Well, hurry up, otherwise I end up thinking that you're fucking me... We can't lose our happiness...
Pleas led to the desired result. You put me on the seat, knelt down on another seat, pulled his trousers...
I trembled, and the last thought struck me:
- I haven't even seen your balls!
You entered me like clockwork. I felt your smell. Oh, what an indomitable beast settled inside me! Eat me, my little animal. It's Christmas, and I'm your dinner! Your cock penetrates me deep. He is firm, strong, I can feel it beating on the walls of the vagina, making me shudder with incredible pleasure. And he's still building up its capacity... My finger playing the Clit like a mandolin, and the left hand I hold his balls, big, heavy, gorgeous. I'm burning with desire, thinking about them. They are my Christmas dessert. Eat, baby, eat! Looks like this guy is going to release me a lot of jet, Oh, how I want it! I'm excited even more, presenting a picture of the eruption, and harder squeeze your balls, as if wanting to empty them.
- Stop, stop...
no, you go first.
- No, I can't, not yet.
How do I explain to you that my orgasm is directly connected with your.
- You first, you first, you say, and I know that you will wait as long as necessary, while I almost suffocated, suspended over the abyss.
- What do you want? What do you want? How beautiful you are!
- Take me everywhere and back too.
You do not dare to argue. My desires tantamount to orders. You attack my massive anus with your thumb. I get scared, but also unbearable pleasure at the same time.
- Do you feel me there? (It would be difficult not to feel.) Now you're ready to cum? Ready?
- If you don't stop, I'm gonna come soon, very soon! Yes... Yes... Here it is! Come on, you too, come on...
You fell on me. You turned out to be much harder than I thought, but much softer.
When I opened my eyes, the snow almost ceased to fall. You rallied, straightened his clothes and sat behind the wheel. The heart in my chest still furiously pounding in my ears and roar of the giant waves that washed me.
- You can sleep if you want.
You pointed to the mattress behind the seats. No, I will not leave you alone. I fall asleep. And the journey continues - quietly, slowly. We are moving through the deserted snowy world. From time to time you stop. People wishing us a happy Christmas. In my head buzzing bell, instead of blood in the veins circulates champagne, it penetrates my heart and stabs it into small bubbles. You're so cute, so funny. I have no regrets.
At dawn you Wake me up and, smiling graciously, saying: - "Here we are in Yaroslavl. Where can we drop you?"
My eyes opened grim sleeper snow-covered city.
- At the station.
Yeah, I have something to confess.
You know, when we met, I have not left Moscow, and returned there. I was going to spend Christmas there, although I do not really want you to.
- You came back from Yaroslavl?
- No. From Eagle.
But... why did you lie to me about Yaroslavl?
- I saw you. I saw your truck, the words "Seafood". And I thought, "This guy is going to Yaroslavl. Why don't I go with him?"
Your eyes lit with laughter.
- That's funny.
- Because when you saw me, I was just about to pass the truck mate. And he had to stay in Moscow. I was the whole day on the road.
- So why do you need to go to the office.
- Yes, I was there to meet a mate.
- You didn't break the rules?
- In General, Yes, but nothing terrible. Changer met in the capital with a girl and was happy to spend her Christmas night.
- And you're not going to spend Christmas with the family?
- No, I had to wait for the next shipment.
- What are you going to do now?
- Go to sleep first, and then go back to Moscow.
- When?
Tomorrow morning, I guess.
- Well...?
- Sure, why not?