Somehow I didn't get lucky with girls who have been given the beautiful name of Ales. But. Several years ago I met a wonderful Alesenko, Ladder, as I affectionately call her. She's short, chubby, with a small but very pleasant to the touch Breasts, and large ass. Not arguing, she is not model looks, but this girl is amazingly affectionate. In bed I was very irritated by her humility, but eventually I helped her get rid of her.

To me it is very long since I had sex. And our meetings are not so frequent. Perhaps because she is very undeveloped, narrow vagina. Traditional sex we were only a few times. She's just hurt by my size, tried to screw her in the ass, but it is all the same. Not getting the pleasure have to bring sex to a woman.

But what she got is good, so is oral sex. Aleshenka loved Cooney. Before me, it is, of course, licked, but somehow the particular thrill she had not experienced, and then, just got hooked. Each of our meetings begins with the fact that I get her on the table, take off her pants and spreading legs. He sits down next to a chair and.... this magical event can last for several hours. I am pleased to do because I love to hear her moans. At first she is very shy, but to engage in such business in complete silence impossible.

Have a Ladder large enough pistocco with large plump lips. She's always trying to shave everything down there and although I asked her a little bit to grow. I love girls with hair on the pubis. Another interesting feature of Lesja's penis is that it is flowing very strongly. I sometimes think that it is enough to take her grodecka stronger than that of her pisenki flowed sweet brook. And Lesi a very large clitoris, which can not only lick, but to suck what gives her special pleasure.

At first, all of our sex was limited to the fact that I just kissed her between the legs, then tried to enter it. Some times it worked, but, as I said, my size was not for her. So., I have long abandoned these attempts.

Thanks to the Ladder — she wouldn't let me suffer — was to learn to take in her mouth. Of course, like any grown woman she long before I was trying to do guys Blowjob but for me its first results are not particularly encouraging. How I was pleased when she began to train to take my cock deeper. Swallowing him to the neck. And recently, I finally managed to persuade her to allow cum on face. I hope that soon she will take in your mouth my sperm and she will love it.

However, I want to talk about the case, which I was very surprised and pleased, as happened when my girl was quite shy and nothing like I expected.

In the evenings I love to walk. That day I was in her neighborhood and begged Alesenko out. To keep me company. It is usually difficult to persuade to go for a walk, but at that time she agreed and it was my first luck. She lives on the edge of a large housing estate, just behind her house wide road, and behind it construction. We went on the sidewalks. along this road, I thought, we go back and forth. I kiss her and can be.

A little potisku for breast goodbye. On how tonight would end. And then, to our right was a bench. I don't know why she was there was only one. Maybe the tenants from the entrance opposite the decided to put. But, we decided to relax. Ladder village, and I sat down and immediately stood up — too cold turned out to be the Board. Instead, I became close with my girl, pressed her head to his and began to stroke. I gently massaged her head, swiping his hands against his hair and suddenly felt that her hands, too, did not remain idle. Gently, through his jeans, she began to fondle my cock, which was at the level of her face. As soon as I felt a soft touch he immediately cracked down and solidified. In pants to keep him has become unbearable, but because I am.

Without hesitation, unzipped his fly and stuck her head right in the mouth. People on the street were few, but. Even those that were of little interest to me. This girl is highly aroused and now I wanted only one thing — to cum in her. I do not know. Did you expect such a turn of the Ladder, or she just wanted to stroke my cock, but she dutifully took the head in her mouth. The contrast between the cold air and her warm mouth gave me pleasure. I took my girl by the head and started slowly at first and then faster, to put my beauty on his cock.

Barely nearby there were people, Ales shoved me away, and then pressed to my risen member was hiding in her hair, but it was not often. Basically, it is very carefully processed my trunk, licked the head, swallowed deeper. Only once I didn't let her escape, when passing the shop he passed a beautiful woman of 50. The ladder rested on the arms my stomach that wanted out. But I'm only stronger pressed her mouth to his, and he was looking right into the eyes of this stranger. She, of course, saw everything, and smiled at me. I told her the same. I think she would not mind to help Alisence, but I knew my girl wouldn't approve. The woman and walked past us without saying a word, we just smiled to each other.

Suck that night Ales had a very long time. For some reason I could not cum. Perhaps due to the fact that sometimes had to be interrupted. Finally, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and spilled my seed on her Breasts, which she pulled out from under the sweater.

Now I wanted to please her — to kiss her pussy. But, to my regret, Lastochka refused on the segment. Said that in such conditions, anyway, will not be able to finish. Had to postpone it until the next time.