Sometimes wandering around the Internet, I visited many sites, including the erotic. So, just yesterday, came to the site of erotic stories. Looked through different topics, I realized that there are stories, the reality is simply sick imagination of individuals, and a personal autobiographical narrative. After reading some stories, I wanted to share what happened to me two years ago.
My name is Alla, I am thirty nine years old, married for fifteen years, who believe not the worst of my life. Three children, average income, in General, all as humans. My husband and I live normal in life and good relations and an acute angle, but in bed, all the questions fade into the background, and only sex, which we both like, and we are to give him completely. I got married a virgin, my husband, I suspect, had some experience, but still the joy of sex we learned together. Your companionship, I and my husband have been satisfied in full, and not about any entertainment on the side of the mind was not. After living together for ten years, began to notice a depletion of diversity in intimate relationships, however, did not prevent to receive pleasure from sex. I do not consider myself a promiscuous or loose woman, and I basically had enough of what it is, but the husband, once lying in bed, shared his erotic fantasy to spend the night with two women, one of whom must be me. I admit, I at the beginning shocked, but after recovering from it, the imagination of her husband seemed even funny and I started to fantasize in this direction, and even offered to turn the fantasy of sex with two men, one of which must be my husband.

Husband because of their natural jealousy, this idea is perceived with hostility and even a little offended, and for a while we are about our erotic fantasies forgotten. Later, during the next intimate caresses my acne again touched on the presence in our bed with another woman. I never believed and do not believe a supporter of lesbian love, but, not wanting to upset her husband asked to tell how he is, and immediately felt his cock stiffened in my hands. His imagination was somewhat selfish, but she felt diversity, animal instinct of lust, although its role in bringing me pleasure, too, he said brightly. During his story, I did not notice how my hand ended up in the lower abdomen and pussy was quite wet. It remains only to find a suitable candidate and bring out your fantasy, in a half-joking tone I said. Husband was over the moon with my reaction, gently a hearty kiss upon my chest neck and face. I confess I too was at the peak and went downstairs to do what he loves. His penis is also kind of reacted to my words, and barely fit in my mouth. Acne quietly moaned and a few more squeezed my Breasts. Hot jet of sperm was not long in coming, and filled my mouth. With a sense of accomplishment I stretched out beside her husband, who gently caressed my Breasts, not forgetting the clitoris and the cave. And now you tell me about your fantasies, asked husband. At first I did not understand about it, he even recalled his last response to my fantasies, but the boy was now a good mood, and as I understand it, on oral sex today is not over, his flesh demanded the continuation, and this needed the experience.
His cock, too, frozen in anticipation, slept a little in size, but the rest was not going to. Without changing themes, I began to fantasize about two men, partners in sex. Telling your fantasies, I felt like my cave was wet to the limit and craved for dick, who, hearing my story, returned in the original condition. Waiting to hear my fantasy, Vitalka silently turned me on my stomach and entered my hot pussy and rhythmically earned his piston, I felt the head of his hot breath, and the body seems to be pierced through thin needles. The finish was rough, my back and ass was abundantly watered with sperm in the end we merged in a long and tender kiss.
Once when he returned after work my husband took a videotape and offered to watch together before bed. Close to midnight, we sat near the TV and ready for viewing. On the screen was porn, mainly group sex, two women and one man and Vice versa. You can not seem to calm down from their fantasies, I said what vital said, noting that it is not maniacal idea, and a desire to make some variety in our sex. To me remained nothing how to agree with him, and continue to watch the movie. After some time, I noticed the bulge in his pants husband. Wow, I thought, that's the power of art and slipped my hand into his pants. My little groomsmen invitingly buried her head in my hand and on the TV screen two cute blondes take turns doing Blowjob and then one of them sat on top on the protruding member and the other began to gently caress her Breasts tongue and hands to massage the scrotum of the man, gradually sinking down, running his tongue all the bumps of her body and when he reached the very bottom, took in the mouth of the vacated member. In this spirit, they continued to bring each other pleasure and at the final stage, they knelt down and framed the soybean are butt hungry for dick, who was not long in coming and alternately visited two caves, and the women gently kissing on the lips, but not as a man with a woman, but somehow special in a sensual way, then one of them turned, took in his mouth member of the men, and the second plunged his tongue into her womb. In the end, both were drenched with cum, which they rubbed on the body to each other. Vitalka this scene very much, the proof was his very hard cock. To me, what is happening on the screen was also interesting, and as I said earlier it's funny, as I told my husband, but then the screen changed to the scene and saw two men and a woman, my Vitalka tensed, but to turn off the VCR did not. The plot was so that one man wanting to present a gift to his girlfriend invited to have sex the third man. Together they gallantly stripped the woman then put her on the bed, and one of them dipped his tongue in her pussy and the other she was doing a Blowjob. Four male hands caressed her body, anus, feet. A little warm up, they changed position, and the vagina was a penis. The second man lay on his back, and a woman stands on his sticking member, with one hand she stroked the nipples of their Breasts, the other pressed a member of the standing men are gently tracing his tongue. Further they changed places and eventually her face and Breasts were drenched in sperm from two trunks.
How about that mess? interrupted the quiet voice of her husband. Well, I retorted, but that's all the movie and fantasy, but in real life it is much more difficult, but if the case turned up, the shot can be Flirty, I suppose. A year passed, and we, leaving the children my mom decided to spend a holiday in a rest home, escaping from the heat of our small town, we went to the shore of lake Baikal. Settling in one of the vacation homes we decided to have a nice time. One evening, sitting in the room, Vitalka casual pointed women the dignity of our waitresses from the dining room.
I suppose, not averse to try them to the touch I said, ' but only in your presence smiling, he replied and offered to put his fantasies into reality. And that, (surprised at her own courage) I said, let's dare, I agree, the more we are here nobody knows, and more than likely will never see, but all the organizational issues take upon yourself, I told you in this matter no help. Okay, I'll try, said Vitalka and went to investigate. Left alone, I thought, but not how far we've come? if he will agree with it, you get that I approve of uniforms treason and also in my presence, and the different diseases you can pick up, whether not too the high price of realization of the fantasies. But at the same time I caught myself thinking that I'm not so against it, and the caterers often checked by doctors, so the risk of catching what be infection a minimum, and sex without love is not cheating, but simply physiology, and especially with my direct participation?!
Upon reflection, I felt a surge of excitement and began with a certain wariness, but all the same to wait for an outcome of our affair.
I went to acne and solemnly announced that he had invited our new friend Zoe the evening in a cafe, on the go inventing a story about my birthday. At nine o'clock in the evening we met at the nearest cafe and took a free table. Snacks and alcoholic beverages we went to celebrate my birthday, Zoe was cheerful and sociable woman, complained of his bad family life, spoke about her husband the alcoholic, who as a man is not what can not, and she is only thirty-two years. Then there was the dancing, the alcohol loosened our tongues, we laughed, chatted and did not notice that it is time cafes began to close. I have a suggestion, exclaimed the boy, let's take a snack and all necessary and go to our room, where we will continue the Banquet, only I need some time to get home and to warn you that I will be late, said Zoe. We agreed half an hour will meet in the rest house and left.
How do you like Zoya? asked Vitalka, when we were alone, normally, I replied, but it looks like a solemn event, not an erotic adventure. Yet the evening, said my husband and pulled me up. Not paying attention to the rare passers-by, we kissed in the middle of the street, and I felt as his hand got into my panties and stroked my butt. A feeling of excitement once again washed over me, I pulled her husband into the nearest alley, away from prying eyes, where he unzipped his fly, lowered his pants and took in his mouth member. My head was buzzing from the alcohol and the spicy - the extreme situation in which we were. I totally didn't pay attention to what is happening around, my mouth was his cock, my husband's hands gently stroked my head and I don't like, what would it ended. But the trickle of semen hit me in the face, brought me back to earth I woke up, but the frustration remains, as I wanted his cock immediately into my pussy and continued my process. The boy wiped his handkerchief cum off my face, took me in his arms and carried her to the house guests. You, what happened? concerned asked Zoe, who was already waiting for us near the hull. No, we're just happy for us I said. Well, let's go to the room, offered acne and continue our holiday. I just noticed Zoe in the very seductive dress that she had time to change clothes, low neck successfully emphasized her shape. In the room we quickly laid the table and sat down. Memories of the recent passion and the piquancy of the situation continued to turn me on. We drank a few toasts and a pleasant wave of warmth spread throughout his body.
The evening passed in a new stage of development, all had fun, we fooled around, Zoe threw the legs and the dress rode up higher than usual. You have beautiful legs, I noticed, Zoe jumped up and paying attention to my husband lifted her dress even higher, showing a strip of your underwear, and so even more beautiful, she asked. Here the initiative in their hands took the boy, wishing to fully appreciate the charms of Zoe, hiding under her dress. Zoe looked at me questioningly but I just smiled and nodded. No hesitate, Zoe took off the dress and bra and shorts walked around the room like a model on the catwalk. And Alia will participate in the competition, asked Vitalik to me. I, without hesitation, took off all her clothes, including panties and stood before the jury fully Nude. It's not fair, said Zoe, I want to be without panties, and quickly got rid of them. Chairman of the jury, in the face of my husband sat rooted to the spot, I even flashed a malicious idea, something that my dreamer could not stand the psychological stress. But acne quickly coped with the shock and he proposed to establish uniform NUDE, so as not to embarrass the ladies, we are with Zoe readily agreed, even offered to help him undress. Vitaliy was on top of the world, which was seen by him when he stood up. Zoe unbuttoned his shirt and very sexy threw her back, it was my turn about the pants. Gently unbuttoned his pants, I lowered the pants to the bottom, and Zoe, wanting to help me, casually pinned fallen flesh Vitalik. How do you like our little groomsmen, I asked. Well, she said, especially since I have haven't been on. Well, then, what you imagine to be the very first, officially announced to me. Zoe has not long to wait, crouching before the boy, she lowered his underwear and took the cock in her mouth almost to the base, clasping his buttocks, she began to suck. She did IT with pleasure and skillfully. I sat down, picked up the banana and began to drive in the clitoral area. Tiny breast of the third size swayed in time with her movements, and I'm very excited because in my presence, a strange woman makes a Blowjob to my husband, and I SEGU close and masturbate. For a moment separated from my husband Zoe looked at me, apparently it this situation has brought not less. Get on the couch, told her acne and become a cancer, it is brilliant from Zoya saliva cock swung invitingly. Zoe came up to me, took my banana, took a bite out of it and bent down, instead of a banana, my pussy felt her hot tongue which has penetrated into all her pussy. Zoyka I pressed my head to his crotch, and it is even further began to penetrate into my pussy. Vital satisfied podrachivala his cock standing nearby. Zoe leaned even lower and before him opened her swollen pussy, and without thinking he put her so that Zoe's breath stopped. I spread her legs a bit more and Zoe, without losing a moment, stared at my pussy, gently sucking on the clitoris. It was something, those few minutes seemed like an eternity of pleasure, I wanted more and more, stroking Tiny chest and hair and she continued the journey between my legs. Vitale continued to stick his plunger Zoe and knead her lush ass. For a moment, while I still stroked upcoming events anus and asked - can you? , Zoya only mumbled - YEAH, and vital without losing any time, wet cock with saliva slowly began to penetrate her anus. Zoe straightened up, moaned loudly and saying "good for me" he kissed me on the lips, she smelled my pussy, perfume and lipstick, this was no ordinary kiss, it was the first and last kiss of my life, but it was pleasant to me.
Meanwhile, the acne already active in Zoyka ass, I must say that we had anal sex never did because his baby was slightly thicker my anus, the only thing we currently allow in the period of intimacy, so it's a finger, covered with vaseline and very nice, if you relax and don't resist and painless. But Zoya, apparently, have a different opinion, so Vitalin member borer her little hole without any obstacles. My thoughts were interrupted by a dull roar, my husband, and I guessed that Zoyka ass filled with his sperm. Acne, taking your crimson red body exhausted collapsed on the nearest chair, next to his feet, fell, moaning, Zoe, I went to the Vitally, sat on his knees and sucking greedily at his lips, Zoya, hugging my legs, gently touched them with his wet tongue, as it was nice, I must say. It took me about thirty seconds to my whole body shook powerful orgasm, and exhausted I slipped to the feet of my husband. After resting about fifteen minutes, we called for a shower and not getting dressed and sat down at the table, to share experiences. Drinking a glass of vodka, we learned that the kind of sex each of us for the first time, but all were satisfied. After spending some time and gain strength, acne is suggested to play the game: Zoe had to crawl under the table and give him a Blowjob in turn, and he had to guess who he is doing and if you are wrong, it performs the desire. Your partner took my seat and began the test. The first sucked Zoe and acne unmistakably recognized it, given its features I repeated her movement and my husband pierced. It was my turn to make a wish. I wished I still fucked me, and Zoe was licking his balls and anus, which was gladly done, I finally felt my husband's cock in her pussy, and Zoe fun podmareva sucked his balls and licked his anus. Turning to her husband, I asked him to cum in her mouth Zoe what Zoe immediately reacted by substituting your open mouth. Vital sticking his cock liberally smeared my lube and shoved it in her mouth upcoming events. She didn't have to make a great effort a few seconds vital cumshot right in the mouth upcoming events and patting her on the head moved to the side. I went to Zoe and she recently kissed her lips, the lips that recently sucked cock of my husband. Exhausted we grabbed a drink and went to bed, lay down three vital at the middle and Zoe on the edges and fell fast asleep. In the morning, waking up about twelve hours, drank coffee and ran on, Zoya ran home, and Vitali went to wander around the area.
Each of us wanted to speak about last night, which we did, generally came to the conclusion that it was great, but the continuation of the relationship, as the saying goes tried enough. In this regard, decided to change their place of residence, leaving Zoe a little farewell note of apology. Returning to the room, I began to gather, and Vitalka went to town to find us a new home.
Half an hour later returned vital and informed me that he had found a good hotel in the centre of the city. Lovely double room will be free in two days, and while you can remove single or two to wait these two days in the rest home. I said, what about the rest houses, the more things I have going with Zoe and we decided to meet. So, the decision was clear, and we soon went to the hotel.
Documents at the hotel we were processed without problems and settled in our rooms. I got a single room with views worthy of the pen of the artist, and vital settled in the future our double room, which had another man and that two days had to move out. Leaving things in my room, we with Vitalik went to the bar, where he ordered a glass of "Bloody Mary" and decided to spend the rest of time. At the table we relished discussing our late night adventures with Zoe, and once again came to the opinion that everything was great, but not any repetition. The evening drew to a close, and we decided to go to sleep. Climbing the stairs, I jokingly remarked Vitale, which is good, would I spend the night in his room, in the arms of two men that he called me a perverted woman and was sent to bed to his room. The next morning, well slept, I went to a cafe in front of the hotel where we agreed to meet the boy. After Breakfast, we wandered around the city and not finding anything interesting, returned to the hotel. Walked into the room Vitalik, where he decided to drink a glass of beer and decide what to do next. Vitaly smiled mysteriously and pulled out of the Cabinet box. This is for you Alia, for a little surprise. I opened the box and saw the gorgeous set of erotic lingerie red. It turns out my beloved, yesterday wandering around the city in search of the hotel, visited the local sex salon, where he purchased me a gift. I'm not forced to beg myself twice and in a moment changed into new clothes. Awesome - could only utter my husband. Wanting to show off, I made a few movements of erotic character and realized immediately I will ottrahala own husband. Vital hugged me from behind and I felt his arms ready to fight and shamelessly kicking my ass. Putting his hand to his pants, I grabbed his cock and held his ass clad in red lace. I want to be on top - I turned to her husband and gently pushed me onto the bed.
Vital lay back and I gently planted on his crimson cock deep inside me. Total control of the situation, I writhed on the penis of her husband, and soon felt a hot jet inside. Making the Vitally final Blowjob, I sucked the remnants of sperm and went to shower. After I went to my room to freshen up. Half an hour later came the acne, he explained it was his roommate who wants to celebrate a successful business trip and tomorrow's departure. You know Alla, I want you to also put his erotic fantasy to life, there in my room sitting man and I am ready to make another mistake in my life, said Vitale. God, this is my husband, I was shocked and at the same time somewhat puzzled. What happened with Zoe, I was perceived as a game where I was only a participant and I did this in order to give pleasure to her husband, and then the highlight of the program will be me. I was mixed up, fear, shame and lust.
I realized that I need solved, but deep down I was ready. You go - I said to my husband I have to get ready and I'll join you later if you don't mind. I am very much against it, but I want to thank you for the night with Zoe, we still decided to try IT one time and forget. I kissed Vitalik lips and felt like he was worried.
Well if so, then I agree, but only on the condition that our third partner would be with a condom - I said. Acne, in turn, made proposals as if I were his friend who went to the flame to two men and a good spin on group sex, nothing non-binding and without any sequels. Well, what will be the hotel slut, I thought. Especially my husband will be there and will not give offense. On that we decided to do. Vitalik went to my room, and I began preparations for "Orgy".
Taking a shower again, and presented to me wearing erotic underwear-I once the evaluation looked at myself in the mirror. The view was very tempting, I'm a little tinted, put on her tightest dress I had with me, I went to visit. At the door I paused a moment, thinking back and filling chugged fifty grams of vodka (for courage). Feeling ready, I went to the Vitally in the room. A minute later, I timidly knocked on the door of their rooms. I opened the door acne and delighted, said, here, and Alia came to visit us. To meet the from the room came out a man of thirty-seven to forty, of medium height, on the appearance of an ordinary man with ordinary appearance.
Andrew, slightly bowing his head he introduced himself. Alla - I said, and held out his hand, which he quickly kissed and invited me to the table. Me Vitaly told about you, it's great that you, after so many years met here, said Andrew.
So as not to inadvertently expose the cheating husband, I just smiled and went into the room. In the middle of the room stood a small table laid, I saw it fruit, a bottle of brandy and something else. Sit Alia, invited the acne. We sat down at the table and began to eat. Toast the first five were exclusively for me, from drinking pleasantly dizzy, and I was waiting for what will vital on. The situation seemed ambiguous, like pretty woman, ready to surrender two men at once, and on the other hand, this Andrew could be some kind of prude and I'm in a stupid position. But, as they say there was nowhere to retreat, and I rely on his Majesty the case. The evening was in full swing, vital though was somewhat constrained, but the situation is completely controlled, said toasts, telling jokes, generally the atmosphere was relaxing. From the alcohol and the prevailing atmosphere, I suddenly wanted to dance, especially because on TV there was a concert and music we were provided. I whispered in his ear Vitalka his desire and went out into the middle of the room, where the slow music began to dance. In the first few seconds of our dance, I felt my husband's hands gently stroked my body, violating the limits of decency. My nipples suddenly swelled, and the body ran a pleasant languor. Go on, I whispered to him. A moment later, the top two buttons of my pay was down, along with my erotic bra.
I unbuttoned the top button on the trousers of her husband and began to massage his rebellious body. Hands Vitalik shamelessly lifted the hem of my dress and squeezed my ass, which was fifteen feet away from our new friend. I the corner of my eye glanced at Andrew and seeing as he nervously rubs, recently appeared the bulge in his pants, I realized that today I will for the first time to see, touch and feel a member of a strange man I didn't even imagine could. Moving in the dance, I approached Andrew and unbuttoned his pants button took his free hand to his cock. Here it happened, I was in the hands of two members, one painfully familiar and native, the other foreign, but they both emit natural instinct of copulation. Andrew stood up from the couch and approached me from behind, I turn down pants men down and squatted near my face, sticking two members on the same form, I even called them twins. Taking them in hand I alternately stroked him language, gradually swallowing that one, another. Men four hands stroking my back, hair, Breasts and I felt my new panties are completely soaked. Pervasis for a moment, I took off all my clothes, remaining only in stockings and red shoes. Men followed my example and helped me to lie down on already straightened the couch.
Vitaly came to my head and I took in a mouth its member, and Andrew leaning forward began to lick the juices from my cave. My hands were out of business, because men with their hands never ceased to caress my legs and chest. Andrew was a genius, he penetrated inside my pussy, sucked the Clit, she gently licked the anus. From such oral sex I was on the brink of orgasm, and in my mind there came the moment of the Eclipse. After a while the men traded places, I still got two condoms and they put them on Andrew. Now my mouth was a member of Andrew, his condom was strawberry, which is very in tune with our situation. Vital easily into my hot wet pussy and started fucking me. Andrew was holding my Breasts, which gently squeezed. I was delighted, one member in my mouth, the other in the vagina, men knew their business. Again feeling the approaching orgasm, I offered to change positions. Vital lay back, I sat on his sticking member, Andrew gallant suggested anal sex, but after I refused, he is not thinking entered a second room with Vitally in my vagina. Turned out, something of a double-barreled shotgun, which rhythmically moved in me. The third time, I stop the orgasm failed, and the turbulent wave of passion swept through my body.
Men took their weapons, took off the condom and being on the finish line framed them in my face. I'm sucking Dicks and massaging their scrotum helped to finish. In gratitude to me, they are abundantly watered with sperm my face, neck and chest. The smell of fresh semen seemed to fill the whole room, I'm in bliss rubbed it all over my body, even though I was all wet and sticky, but it was class. In parting, I kissed every member of that tired, began to fall. Sucked the remnants of sperm, I noted that she tasted different from them, though maybe I imagined it. Tired we lay down on the couch and mine is fifteen enjoyed the music from the TV. After I went to shower, leaving the two men alone. Feeling recharged, I went back to the room where vital Andrei was drinking cognac. Now it's your turn to visit the shower, turned vital to Andrew, which he did. Come on, I'll walk you in the room, - said Andrey, and we dressed and went out. Coming to me, vital threshold literally ripped off my clothes and don't know where grasp he force jumped on me. The kind of sex my husband and I have not had and are falling asleep three hours later, I thought there is nothing better than a sexual relationship between a man and a woman without any bells and whistles in the form of third-party partners, probably because we all had tasted it and left it in our memories as an experiment to implement our erotic fantasies.