Talent to Blowjob - purely natural, good and fast sponge naughty tongue... a Sweet girl with a gentle face, often naively went out in my black shirt to my friends and drinking fresh coffee, forcing us to think about her ass and ask her to change.. that night I was returning from Nice. Entering the market bought a pack of Chesterfield, and chocolate for my girl. Everything was just so....

I loved her and she loved to be mine. I knew nothing about who she is, her parents, where she lives, but I knew that night it makes the lessons, and sometimes arguing with parents, and lives in General, normal second life.

Throwing a few bills to the girl-the cashier and muttered that she choked on the surrender, came from the market. Lit, came to the house where this little slut has had to wait for me.

She sat on the filthy floor of the entrance portfolio. Noticing me, she smiled. I walked over to her and lifted her face by the chin. She fearfully opened its naive sponge and saurav cilia stood up, her face held a shadow of lust. She approached me and clung to my body:

-I missed you - whispered the girl. - I want you again...

Her foot slipped to the pants and tickled claws already napryachsiya the barrel. Sponge gently and powerfully gripped the lobe of my ear. She gently biting the cartilage, sucked and tickled the tip with his wet tongue. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

I stopped her when I felt that the girl already at the bottom and trying to break the belt. I smiled,

Sweetheart, not here. -I raised her from her knees, pressed her body against the wall and passionately kissed her lips. I wanted her, trembling and riser confirmed it, but I restrained myself so as not to disrupt the hell out of this school uniform and not to tear this slut here on this indestructible windowsill.

Her resentment and anger knew no bounds. Pouting, the girl arched her back and pulled the collar of a white blouse, a predatory smile:

-you know You want it, boy-she whispered-why not?

-Come - I opened the door, and gave her the chocolate. I want you, but also love. Care if you want. If you want a shower down the hall, to the right, I'll put the coffee on, well then do what you want.

She surprised clutching the tile:


No, just chocolate.

She smiled, and taking my shirt went into the bathroom.

Good bitch, she came out of the bathroom on tiptoe, in her, leaving a wet trail. I sat in the chair and put her on the coffe table.

-I don't want coffee. -she pushed the Cup on a thick carpet in disgust and wrinkled lips, smiling.

-What the fuck! I knew she was infuriating me and didn't hold back. She liked the pain, She wanted dirty sex with BDSM tones. But even that was too much. I hit her in the face. She fell on the floor and grinned. -A weakling, you regret the money on me, there's no one else to humiliate you, baby? I'm with you - just because of their problems with the ancestors, you can't give me what I want... You know what guys...

I hated her at that moment. She belonged only to me, weakling?

-Whore! I'm a bit strangled it. She pulled away and bit my wrist. -Ssuka! -I hissed. The feeling of wet warm body of this beast tearing up my roof. Pressing the girl with one hand I unbuttoned my pants and pulled out standing member. She brazenly smiled. I abruptly drove it in wet and warm pussy girls. Slut bent over and closed his eyes. I withdrew from her and she immediately grabbed me in the back with sharp claws, tearing the skin. I squeezed her ass and pulled her again. The girl struggled and strove to cling to my lips, and she still bit me. The taste of his blood I lost control.

I seemed piercing member is a little tender body of a wild cat. I squeezed her delicate skin, leaving scratches and bruises, Gunsan chest. She did not remain in debt. Aching lips, and cuts on the back was corroded by sweat. My-her shirt turned into a doormat. The carpet was hopelessly flawed. I picked her up by her hair, gathering it in a ponytail, and threw on the table. Touching the nipples to the cool table, she tensed and bit his lip. I boldly walked into her tight ass from behind, and abruptly inserted a finger in her pussy.

She opened her eyes wide - whether from the wild pain in the anus, whether from the fact that my finger helped her to cum. She trembled, and her pussy gushed juice. I continued to fuck her finger, and peck her ass. Vagina tight around the finger, the girl squirmed., I quickened my pace and took my hand. She relaxed, her body rhythmically swayed to the beat of my thrusts. It can, and it hurt - don't know. She breathed deep and didn't react to what is happening.

-Who are you!?? I bellowed. Her eyes fluttered, she smiled weakly and whispered:

-Your only your bitch...

I squeezed her ass, deliciously entered her. She touched cool fingers to my balls, and I long to come in her tight ass.

When my cock slipped from her hole, and drops of sperm flowing on her delicate lips began to fall on the floor, I realized how tired. the sludge was only enough to get Her in the bath.

-The owner.. she called quietly. I gently embraced her, and lowered into the icy water.

She woke me up in the evening, when going to leave, I didn't even look at her back... Master...