Lyosha and ARINC were 8 years old, and they from early childhood were inseparable friends and always played together. Somehow the kids played together in the yard and Alex said ARINC: Wait for me a little bit, I'll run to poop, and then we'll be playing again. Oh, and I also want to take a crap. And let's go together let's do a little Poo? - mischievously asked the boy a girl. - Oh come on - I agreed Alex. He never saw the pooping girl. The kids ran into the bushes, lowered her panties and squatted down. Girl poops very quickly and paderewskis leaf plantain, already stretched panties. The boy still hadn't vykakat. He pushed, strained, his face flushed but the turd was stuck somewhere near the entrance. In addition, affected by the excitement - the kid's first poop in the presence of girls. ARINC also watched with interest on touramerica boy. - What does not work, right Guys? - sympathetically asked the boy Arinka. She really wanted to help a friend to relieve myself. - Yes, n-nikak: - panted the boy, straining the muscles of the anus, but again nothing happened. He was tired of standing on his haunches. Suddenly the girl asked the boy: - Oh, Lyosha, but let me help you? - And how? - puzzled asked the boy the ARINC. - You get up on all fours please, - asked the boy a girl. And ass I turn. I tell you there going to do something, and you immediately turn to poop. The girl remembered how she did her mother when she was very small and sat on the potty and she, too, was not poop. And now ARINC decided to make Lyosha same. The boy of course was too shy to expose his bare ass girl, albeit her friend, who, he knew, did not tell anyone, but he really wanted to poop and to dispose of the goods in the gut. And the boy got on all fours, holding up their ass. After the boy got on all fours, the girl came up behind him, squatted before the boy, a little Polynesia yourself index finger and gently touched it to the anus of the boy. Arina was led in a circular motion on the anus of Alex, sometimes shallowly thrusting a finger inside. The boy became very pleased by these actions of the girl. Then the boy felt the girl slipped into his anus with the middle finger, overcoming the resistance of the muscle ring sphincter boy. - And you, by the way, long time no poop: you Got a spike almost some holes, and Yes, dipping a finger full length anal boy girl felt her finger rested in a solid turd. The girl made some movements with a finger in the ass of the boy's back, causing the boy was somehow especially nice and even a little tickle in the rectum. And suddenly Alex felt like a piece of shit in his ass finally began to move. The girl with no less zeal continued index finger to massage the boy's anus and stimulated so contraction of the muscles, Malchishua sphincter. The girl got nail ass boy, little pieces of feces. Finally the girl is so good to relax your finger muscles of the anus of the boy, the boy quietly farted. Arinka giggled. Finally, releasing gases into the hand of the girlfriend, the muscles of the Alesha's ass started to give right to hand the girl the little sausages warm brown feces. ARINC continued some time to massage the ring Losinogo anus, stimulating full defecation bowel boy. Finally Alex vykakal all and felt a welcome relief in the abdomen. Arinka wiped on a piece of plantain on her finger. The boy began to wipe and thanked the girl: - Thank you, ARIN. You're there so cool I did, so I immediately wanted to poop. Oh, Lyosha, fu, natural something like: - he wrinkled his nose in response, the girl. - Let's wipe faster and go back to play. And that my mother used to do when I was little. And you, when to take a crap and want you again can't make it work, can I ask for. I'll RUB you all veganaise. The boy thanked the girl and they went to play. The boy is all the time remembered how he enjoyed it when she did him in the ass. And since then, when the boy played a girl and boy suddenly had to poop, ARINC walked with him to "help" the other, and there, in the bushes, the boy was exposed, before girl her ass, and the girl doing him in the ass so priyatnenko and a few minutes were able to observe how under the influence of her fingers the ass of the boy is revealed and from there begin to fall out of malchishi cackalacky. The ARINC also liked it.