I am a bachelor, I am already 35 years old, I have been married a couple of times, but somehow it did not work out. Sometimes I meet with married women, but all these advances before sex and constant questions after him, but you love me, lately, somehow you have started to get me. Unmarried women in general after a couple of months begin to claim their rights against you, and with claims. Maybe for this, I still have not decided on my status.

But one time my mother called me and asked for shelter for a couple of days one of our distant relative. She briefly said that this guy is under stress for the second time, his wife is constantly changing, that he just needs to live separately from his family.

Friday night, my mom entered the apartment and brought that guy. He was a pretty guy of about twenty with pleasantly feminine features. He was distinguished by his modesty and intelligence. We met, mom, putting on the table a bottle of good cognac and a box of chocolates.

- This is for you from his mother, for stay. She retreated and we were left alone.

The guy turned out to be 27 years old, he looked confused and depressed. I offered a drink, but he refused. I see that the tension does not subside, then I invited him to a cafe opposite my house. There at dinner, after taking a pile of brandy, he told me about the betrayal of his wife with his childhood friend. Tragedy could not let him go. And when I asked him, - and who said that this is a tragedy, he was simply amazed at my question. And I began to process his consciousness that it is easier to live, that his wife’s betrayal is not the main thing, that she only changes with you, that it is even interesting from a sexual point of view, and so on ...

We went home with a bunch of questions in his head. There we still rolled mother's cognac and Eugene, that was his name, completely relaxed. We sat on the couch in front of a coffee table, and Enigma sounded in the air. Zhenya was already quite relaxed, he liked to sit with me, and he even laid his head on my shoulder. It was as if I was electrocuted, I suddenly thought that this tender and unhappy creature could give my caress? I hugged his waist and gently touched his cheek with my lips. He did not answer, but did not push off, the wave of desire swept over me. I put my lips to his mouth. Zhenka unexpectedly pressed himself against me, responding to a kiss. I gently pushed him over the back of the sofa, covering his body with kisses, while removing his shirt. The buttons of the shirt were unbuttoned so easily, as if they were so specially sewn, and I started kissing his nipples. Zhenya was breathing deeply, frantically put his hand on my head and fearfully asking me, what, what are we doing ...?

- We avenge your wife for treason for treason, it will be true and correct.

Pulling off the last barrier from him, I noticed his groin. His penis was already standing, and short pubic hairs and completely naked testicles drove me crazy with their silky and delicate skin. My lips, unable to bear such beauty, covered his head in the hope of finding out in a couple of minutes the taste of his sperm. Zhenka pressed my head to his groin. I used to play his dick, then my testicles, drawing in and releasing this splendor through a ring of tight lips. My dick, too, sought to get adequate satisfaction, for this, my index finger decided to explore his anus. At first, Eugene somehow resisted, but when I slid my lips along the entire length of his penis, jumped over his testicles and began to work out his hole with my tongue, Zhenka simply disconnected, he did not notice how I put his legs on my shoulders. His anus relaxed so much that I was able to penetrate my tongue deep into his hole. Zhenka groaned with pleasure with his eyes closed. He surrendered to my head, as a young girl. I do not notice, so as not to frighten off a young body, I send a tasty share of my saliva to my prick. Eugene, completely dissolved in pleasure, does not notice my quick preparations. My penis head is pressed against his hole with swollen and slippery edges, and with one smooth movement enters Eugene's body.
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“Oh, no,” he shudders sharply, trying to push me away with his hands, to jump off the flesh that has penetrated his body, but he has no chance, he is completely covered with my body and he is completely helpless. The tight little ring of the anus convulsively squeezes my cock, and belatedly trying to resist.

- Everything, Zhenya. Everything. Relax. You took revenge on your wife.

- Pull out. I do not want! It hurts - the tears of despair glisten in his eyes.

- Zhenka, I'm already in you. Be patient little bit. You will know and feel how it is fabulous to change your wife. You will understand how nice it is when she cheats on you and you forgive her.

I kiss his wet and salty tears on his cheeks. I eagerly cling to his tender lips. The guy calms down. His muscles relax and both of us fall into something mutually addicted. I do not know what he thinks at this moment, but I am pleased that his nerves calmed down, and I took away his virginity, this fabulous, magical trembling of the soul in front of the ocean of unknown feelings. He will remember me as his first man.

With my free hand I squeeze his cock, trying to distract him from unpleasant sensations. I always massage the clitoris when I penetrate the anus of a woman and a member, when I do it with a man. Several incoming movements, and Zhenka opened his eyes.

- I do not understand how you could penetrate me, he suddenly said, but it does not bother me. More, still lead there as a member. So, carefully ...

- You no longer hurt, I ask, gently rocking on his body and slowly increasing the amplitude of movements. My head, feeling the tight entrance, found that he began to relax and the velvet of his anus became supple. Zhenya even turned her cheeks pink and he began podmahivat with an expression of clear interest on his face. His penis from a large blood flow to the anus, lost elasticity and hung. Again I lean over his body, my tongue examines every inch of his nipples on his chest. Light biting gives him a special pleasure. I tightly pressed his stomach to his body. My penis goes into the ring of the anus for a few more centimeters and as if it falls into the intestines. Everything. Full contact. Weak sphincter compression occurs near the root of the penis. All my 18 centimeters inside my guest and I feel how my pubis is beating on his buns ...

- That's it. To the end - I kiss his soft lips again. Lips feel his hot breath. His tongue slides over my lips again and this is a sign of recognition. And again we go crazy, gasping in hot kisses that deprive the air.

He is already seized with a sense of satisfaction with sex, the grip of the sphincter muscles is weakening. His anus is already accustomed to a foreign object in his body. He completely relaxed in this position, depriving him of any initiative. Zhenka begins to realize that he is now playing the role of a girl and is being given to me as a girl. He trusts me, but still can not relax to the end. Feeling spontaneous sphincter spasms, I immediately stop. As soon as he manages to relax, I again gently slide in it.

- What are you gentle, he suddenly whispers to me. You catch

my every move and catch my weakness.

- The main Eugene is that you connect your brain with the erogenous zones of the anus, then you will get more buzz, and most importantly, you will understand a woman. Let's go off and go to yourself ...

Meanwhile, I turn to massage the front wall of the intestine, where the heart of a man is hiding, this is the prostate. My actions are confirmed by new drops of liquid, protruding from his penis like birch sap from spring birch. Zhenya moaned like a woman from every passage of the head of my dick along the cherry of a young and sensual prostate. His half flaccid penis rolls to the beat of my blows from one side of the abdomen to the other, bleeding transparent juices of lost integrity.

Closing his eyes, he carefully listens to his feelings. Making sure that his anus finally relaxed, I increase the amplitude of movements as in the classical. Almost out of his body, I direct the gliding of the head to his navel, and gently continue to massage his pleasure center.

- Fuck-aaa, with every blow he convulsively sentences, but I didn’t know that one could experience such bliss ... The broaching moans of my guest and shameless slaps of naked bodies break the silence of the room and excite us to the limit with this unusualness. With each blow, I eagerly cling to his buttocks, as if punching his intestines as far as possible and deeper. My dick quickly enters the open hole of the anus and immediately comes back. The frantic motions of two bodies lead us both to the very threshold. A few more movements and I pour out a week's supply of seed into my guest's ass with powerful jets. I feel how the white mass of my sperm spreads along the walls of its intestines. His eyes open in surprise, as if he knows something new, he also feels it. And so on, the way it is, because the walls of its intestines had recently been virgin and took this valuable liquid for the first time. Suddenly, Eugene's little hole begins to throb with spasms of pleasure, and at the same time with them his sperm flows out of his half sluggish penis.

- Oh! Fuck-aaa mom-aaaa. Eugene blissfully wrinkled his beautiful nose and squealed like a woman.

Fuck, I finished my ass, it is breathtaking, you are the best cute! He seeks to randomly kiss me as if in a token of gratitude.

- Yes, I thought, this recognition I have received more than once from virgins. And yet print out young men and men, this is a pleasant experience. What is already there, such confessions raise my ego. I love it so much! From women this will not wait ...

If only our mummies knew that I was getting up with this nice guy who probably just knew the world from the other side of his body. That my sperm made him a happy owner. After all, many men never come to know this facet of pleasure and, as they age, leave sex and have not received their prize.

Zhenka ran into the bathroom, put his ass in order and sat down next to me in surprise asked, and my ass now will always be so swollen and open?

What are you, Zhenya, she is like a cunt, then closes and begins to fulfill her functions, according to her nature. Let's drink for casual sex between men.

The glasses were already poured and waited for them to be emptied. Zhenka with gusto pulled out a sip of brandy and his sweet smile spread softly over his face. He completely relaxed, which I, in general, sought. I offered him to drink the rest and go to my bed.

We lay down side by side, both on the back, then I turned to him and spreading his legs like a woman’s, lay down on him in the classic pose. He smiled and, with his legs tucked in his knees, accepted my hanging body as an accessible woman ...

- You Zhenka not offended that I almost raped you?

- Yes, in no case, I have to thank you for this, but to be honest, at first I was scared.

- Ass feels like it hurts?

- Not at all, it has already closed, but I feel that I still want to.

Yes you want of course, since your member is standing up against me in the navel. I took out the grease from the nightstand and processed his swollen anus, having easily passed all his obstacles. Zhenka moaned from pleasure and podrachchil his dick. Quite unexpectedly, I asked him, “Do you want to be my mistress?” He did not hesitate to answer, “even more.”

- Okay, tomorrow we'll talk, I parried and put him in a pose with cancer, began a leisurely penetration. Until one o'clock in the morning, I gave him a lesson about what women feel and how to behave.

We woke up around ten in the morning. Zhenka embraced me as his beloved wife and, as a token of gratitude, made me a morning blow job.

When it was over, he went to the kitchen and after fifteen minutes brought two cups of coffee to bed. I appreciated his foreplay and respect for me as his men. He positioned himself as my mistress. We drank coffee and I started a dialogue with him, I was very interested in how he felt in the role of the lower and how this could affect his future status.

After all, my mother brought him to me and I am responsible for his psychological state, even though he is already married a second time.

- Zhenya tell about your feelings, what is in your head now?

- You know, honey, I woke up much earlier and thought about everything that happened to me yesterday. The main thing I realized was that I behaved with my wives like the last beast, I fucked them for my pleasure, and yesterday you showed me that this should be done first of all for the second half. For the first time this whole night, I imagined myself a woman, but how else ... when I first kicked my feet yesterday on your shoulders! I came relaxed from your shaking blows, you are thrusting your cock into my butt from all over the maha, and your eggs relish and pleasantly slap on my open buttocks ... Besides your cock that moves inside my butt and gave me great pleasure, at this moment for me it ceased, that either, to exist ... I absolutely didn’t give a damn, that it was humiliating for me, but what I experienced overlapped all my beliefs and morals! I like that I lie naked under you and fulfill the role of a woman for you, and you, having thrust a member into my ass, fuck me like your woman. I was so pleased with your movements, it is pleasant to slip your cock inside me, how sweet and nice your cock fills and burst my ass, how warm from the movement of your cock to disperse throughout my body ... I liked my female role yesterday and I felt like a woman under the hot man! A pleasant hot wave rolled over me - from what they wanted me. They want to do it all with me. Bend and fuck dirty! Sex was over, and again I was as I was. At least thanks to you, I learned a lesson for myself that I had behaved incorrectly with women. Perhaps this is not bad, what do you think?

- Yes, you do not worry, Zhenya, your wife will not change you anymore if you are going to fight her, like I was today fighting you according to the principle - everything for your beloved. If she is not enough for you, come to visit both of you, and generally make a family friend who will satisfy your wife’s irrepressible desires as a couple. She will, in the end, appreciate your actions and will always be with you.