“We have registered your application,” the bureaucratic aunt said in a frantic smile. “If you don’t change your mind, you’ll be one family in a month.”

- Thank you, - smiled Ksyusha and looked at me. - Do not change your mind?

- you what? - I indignantly blurted out - for nothing!

“Well, let's see,” she grinned, and went out onto the porch of the registry office. I went out after her.

- It is necessary to note our engagement, - Ksyusha pulled up a white T-shirt, tight-fitting her awesome chest. - I propose to take a kebab and go out of town.

“It will be great,” I said, and got into the car on the passenger seat.

“Then go to the store,” said Ksyusha, sitting behind the wheel.

She famously avoided traveling, sometimes risky flying out into the oncoming lane, and I pressed in the seat and enjoyed watching my girlfriend. I admired her courage, self-confidence, her burning eyes. She was real, alive, so unlike the painted beauties, seeking to get married, to warm up to arrange her ass. Another month and Ksenia will be my lawful wife.

On the one hand, the case with the video on her computer has almost flown out of my head. I diligently convinced myself that everything that was before her did not matter. But deep down I realized that I did not forget what I saw. From that time I began to devote more time to caress than to the penetration myself, and I felt that I was on the right track.

Near the West exit from the city, we stopped at a roadside hypermarket. There we bought everything needed for a picnic: pickled kebabs, greens, bread, sauces, vegetables, a five-liter bottle of clean water, as well as a disposable barbecue, plastic utensils, coal and other necessary stuff.

In the alcohol department, Ksyusha took half a liter of the five-star “Ararat”. I looked at her in surprise. First, my girlfriend practically did not drink alcohol, and secondly she was driving. I immediately asked her about all this.

“Nonsense,” she said. “I’ll only drink.” And you normally relax. In addition, kebab goes well with brandy.

I shrugged and pounded the heavy cart to the exit. After loading the supplies into the trunk of the Niva, we climbed into the car and rushed into the countryside.

I opened the window wider and with pleasure put my face to the flow of the wind that broke into the interior of the car. Outside the window flashed tall green poplars, stretching along the Western Highway up to the traffic police post. Ksyusha kept the speed under 70, but the traffic cops still slowed down at the post.

“Lieutenant Sidorchuk,” the young bruiser started, but seeing Ksyusha broke into a smile. - Oh, Xenia, hello!

- Hi Lesh, - Ksyusha smiled in response, - what, am I breaking?

“No, I just stop all beautiful girls,” the smile never left the lieutenant’s face. He looked at Xenia's chest with lust under a T-shirt. Mike was not transparent, but could not hide her protruding nipples.

“Well, I’m no longer a free beautiful girl,” Ksyusha coyly cooed, and then the bruiser noticed me. He slid a scornful glance at me, but after a moment he smiled and saluted.

- They gathered for nature, - Ksyusha explained for some reason, - note the engagement.

“Oooh,” said the traffic cop, “this is a serious matter.” Just watch don't drink and drive. In the city, it is understandable that we will otmazhem, but the district officials have a raid right now. Be careful.

- Thanks Lesh, - Ksyusha smiled again.

“Have a good trip,” the lieutenant saluted again and walked away from the car. Ksyusha started the engine and we moved on.

- Who is it? - I asked a little displeased.

“Lesha Sidorchuk,” explained Ksyusha. - I did an interview with him and then with the head of the city traffic police. So don't be afraid, I have connections.

“But he warned about some district officials,” I remarked, glancing as the speedometer needle jumped the 110 mark.

“There is a district battalion,” explained Ksyusha, “They report directly to Moscow and are responsible for all roads in the district outside the city. With them you will not agree, but we will not get them.

- Where such confidence?

“Look,” Ksyusha suddenly turned off the highway to the left, where the signpost stood: “S / T Energy”. We rushed past the country houses of the gardening association for narrow and dusty primers. Ksyusha confidently looped past the same type of houses with ugly roofs and suddenly jumped out onto the old asphalt road.

On one side was a wide field, and on the other side, through the rare forest plantations, the blue smooth surface of the Novozavodskoye reservoir glittered. The far shore was adorned with mountains and hills. But they were barely visible - the flood of the Novozavodsk artificial sea was so wide.

Ksyusha turned off the asphalt on a primer leading through the sparse vegetation to the shore. "Niva" worthy overcame uneven primer and rolled into the meadow near the shore.

Heart pinched. So cool and majestic panorama opened before us. The noon sun played with highlights on the endless surface of the water, seagulls screamed in the blue sky, the crowns of tall trees roared above their heads and not a soul. Only me and Ksyusha.

- Cool place, huh? - smiled Xenia, getting out of the car. - Dad showed it to me. Our place. Turn off the road three kilometers earlier and get to the paddling pool. On such a good day, the whole shore is packed with tourists, you can believe. And here, few people know the way. Is that hunters and fishermen.

I nodded. Indeed, at the end of May at the weekend it is very problematic to find a place on the coast both before the hydroelectric station and downstream. Thanks to Ksyuhinomu bate, a passionate angler, for a secluded place.

Favorite instantly took off her clothes and pulled on a cool golden bikini. My member responded immediately. I tried to embrace Ksenia, but she laughed and pulled away.

“Let's make kebab making,” she said, “then other pleasures.”

I shrugged my shoulders and, unbuttoning my shirt, began to tinker with the assembly of the barbecue. Ksyushka enthusiastically rushed to the landing and collected small dry twigs.

- You will not catch a cold? - I shouted to her. - Breeze though.

- No, I am on a high, - she dismissed.

I lit the grill and began to string the meat on the skewers. The neck of the pig was good and juicy. Ksyusha, in the meantime, took out a special litter from the car and started laying out all the attributes for a picnic on it. Glancing at the bottle of brandy, she opened it and poured about a third into plastic cups.

- Let's drink, or what? - she handed me a glass and clinked glasses. - For our future!

Ksyusha easily knocked over her portion and curled up with lemon. I followed her lead. Cognac was surprisingly pleasant and immediately ran through the veins, dispersing blood.

Soon coals arrived, and I took up the meat. When the last skewer was ready, a light hop wandered through me. Ksyusha sliced ​​bread and vegetables and I laid out the meat in plates.

- Fill up, - Ksyusha laughed, - only I feel a little bit myself.

I poured brandy into cups and said:

- For the most beautiful girl in the world! For you, Ksyush!

In one fell swoop I put in half a glass and immediately ate it with meat. It turned out just amazing.

- A good kebab! - praised Ksyusha. - In general, it is necessary to get out more often. With work only a blockage. Tired already in all directions to plow.

“Ask them to give you certain topics,” I advised, devouring juicy pieces of meat with pleasure.

- It is easy to say: “Ask,” replied my darling, pouring brandy back to herself and me, “There are many people, but no one knows how to work.” I have high hopes. Only have to plow like a damn. Why the hell are you such a wife?

- I love you! - I replied, waving another portion of brandy. - I do not care how much you will work. I will have time both at work and at home. I will make your life easier, if only you were there.

“The hostess is straight,” Ksyusha laughed, and I was suddenly offended. Turning away, I nibbled brandy and drank in one gulp.

“Well,” said Ksyusha reproachfully, “already offended.” And what will happen next? Will you sulk at me for not paying attention, will you be jealous of work and other men? Where is love here?

- Forgive me! - I crawled over to her and knelt, clasping her beautiful legs. - You are all for me! I will not allow myself this.

- You will be an obedient boy, yes? - asked Ksyusha, leaning my face against her pubic hair.

I started kissing her thighs, clutching at the amazing Ksyushina ass. Ksenia groaned, tightly pressing my head to her charms. I floated my tongue and began to drive them through the fabric of her panties, caressing swollen sponges through matter.

- Oh yeah! - exclaimed beloved and immediately fell on the litter, legs spread wide. I pushed the strip of fabric aside and pressed my lips to its pink bud. Having spent several times with my tongue around the cave, I gently wrapped my lips around the clitoris and slowly began to draw the letters of the Latin alphabet with the tip of the tongue.

- Yes, dear, like this! - Ksyusha moaned, clinging to my hair.

I fully focused on the process, accelerating the pace and often repeating the letters “H”, “E”, “W” and “M”. It was on them that Ksyusha reacted particularly sharply, more tightly grabbing my hair and crying out loudly. Finally, she twitched and moaned, drawing my hair out of my hands.

- Lie on your back! - she ordered.

I obeyed. She threw off the top of a swimsuit and her big breasts burst free, instantly causing me a strong erection. Ksyusha lowered her swimming trunks and plunged my process into my mouth.

I closed my eyes in bliss and gave myself an unforgettable feeling. The member quickly became wet from Ksyushina saliva. Her tongue slid along the trunk, sometimes completely describing the circumference. Wet lips of my beloved squeezed my body, as if they were giving it away. Suddenly, I remembered that video, when a healthy member of Ksyushinoy the former was wrapped around the lips of my woman. The orgasm came before the realization came that soon I would finish, and I filled Ksyushin with my mouth. She dissatisfied whined, but swallowed, and releasing the limp member from his mouth, said nothing. She just came up, poured herself brandy and drank without wrinkling.

- You are gorgeous, my love! - I said, looking at the beautiful naked figure in the rays of the afternoon Sun.

She grinned and, gathering her hair in a long tail, pulled on her swimsuit. For more than an hour we ate the remnants of barbecue, collected things, put out the fire. Finally, Ksyusha got behind the wheel and I got close.

We drove onto that very secret path and barely starting the movement we heard the nasty sound of a police siren.

“Here's a fuck up!” Ksyusha cursed in her hearts, skipping ahead of a gray UAZ with a blue stripe. On board, I managed to read the "DPS traffic police battalion g.about." Novozavodsk. Uazik overtook us and, blinking beacons, stopped about ten meters from the Ksyushinoy all-terrain vehicle.

- Fucked up, hit! - Ksusha slammed on the steering wheel, looking like a young, fit traffic policeman without a cap got out of the passenger seat and headed in our direction. Ksyusha doomedly took out the documents and opened the window.

“Captain Belozerov,” the cop introduced himself as he turned out to be blond with sly blue eyes, “a separate battalion of the District DPS.” I will ask for documentation.

Ksyusha silently handed him the rights and insurance. He slowly studied the driver's license and sent it to his breast pocket.

- Ksenia Andreyevna, please get out of the car, - he calmly demanded.

- Why is that? - Ksyusha was indignant.

“There is reason to assume that you are drunk,” he continued in the same calm tone. - Did you drink alcohol?

- Not! - looking at the floor she said. - Listen, let's agree ...

- Let's go to the car Xenia Andreyevna, - the blond captain insistently demanded, - there all conversations will be.

Ksyusha confusedly looked at me and got out of the car. I saw the traffic cop open the back door for her and skip ahead. And then he sat down next to him and the door slammed shut.

It took about three minutes or five minutes and my phone rang. The display showed "Favorite."

“Yes, honey,” I replied, but then I fell silent. It looks like Ksyusha dialed my number and put the phone on the speakerphone, so that I could hear everything that was happening in the UAZ.

- So why did you drink, Ksenia Andreyevna? - I heard the familiar voice of the captain.

“Very little,” answered Ksyusha guiltily. - I have an engagement today.

- And sho? - There was a loud bass with hohlyatsky accent, - once engaged, you can drink and drive, right?

“Wait prapor,” answered the captain calmly, “it's more interesting here.” The girl offers us something, right?

- Of course! - Ksyusha sighed with relief. - Speak how much.

- Well, three years will give, - the captain laughed. - Ensign, attempt to bribe recorded?

“Yes, Comrade Captain,” came the bass prapora. - Truncated zapysano!

- What are you doing? - Ksyusha screamed.

- Come on shit, little bird! The captain barked. - You hit. This is not just deprivation. This is a criminal act.

- Please do not! -Had heard Ksyushin sob. - What would you like?

“Compliance with traffic rules,” said the captain, but at the same time he softened, “although you can always find a way out.” Is that right, Gritsalyuk?

- And yak well! - prapor responded cheerfully.

From the heard, my gut grew cold. I wanted to help my beloved, but did not know how. Come to the cops and ask them to let go? Ridiculous. Threaten them? Stupid. What to do?

- I will go to meet you, Ksenia Andreyevna, - said the captain, - but you will go to meet me. No other way.

- Of course! - Ksyusha again sobbed, - What should I do?

- First, take off your T-shirt! - said the captain and I was stunned by what he heard.

- What? - surprised Ksyusha.

- In Ocho! - already the captain barked roughly. - Show us your tits, until I changed my mind and sent you to the department.

It was already a mess. It was time to intervene. But what could I do? You need to have the courage to go out and slap them on the faces. But courage retreated somewhere, giving way to fear.

- I understand! - Ksyusha said in a killed voice, and there was a rustle of clothes.

Will she undress in front of them? Do they now look at her beautiful breasts? That's bullshit. Sleep.

- Wow! The captain murmured admiringly. - Gritsalyuk, have you ever seen such great big tits?

- Only unless sho in a porno, - fascinated muttered the khokhol.

Not. It was not a dream. Favorite really took T-shirt.

- So! -the captain shuddered and he heard the sound of an unzipping zipper, - you are lucky, chick. Put my head on my legs. I'll give you the king's blowjob. See what, huh?

- Which one? - asked Ksyusha, - member as a member. Think big?

- Well, obviously more than that zadrota near you, - the captain got angry, - by the way, 18 and a half. Considered big. So suck come on.

There was a smacking wet sound and the moan of a captain.

- Oh yeah, slut, like this, suck! - to the smacking sounds added the sound of zhamkany and shalepany.

Tears filled my eyes. It can not be. My Ksyusha is now taking this cop in her mouth, and he seems to be squeezing her breasts.

- Well, comrade captain? - lustfully gasping asked crest.

- Magically, Gritsalyuk, the captain moaned, - Boobs are just super. Knead such a pleasure. And the mouth is working. Sucks like a pro.

- Beat! - cursed the crest. - I want her too.

- And fuck you sitting there then? Come to us. While I tickle her tits and give her a company, you will impale a bitch.

I saw a thick mustache ensign climbed out of the driver’s seat and climbed back to the passengers.

- Come on, Gritsalyuk, please the young lady! - the captain laughed and groaned again. - Yes, nipple, like that.

“Right now, right now, right now,” the crest puffed excitedly, rustling his clothes.

- Well, what are you doing there? - the captain remarked irritably and immediately exclaimed: - Damn yourself a fat man.

“Yes, yes, yes,” the ensign puffed, “albeit a short one, but thick.” Right now you will scream the nipple.

In confirmation of his words, Ksyusha screamed and started shaking, but apparently the member of the captain in her mouth did not allow her to vote.

- Owaaa! - cried prapor, - A very narrow pussy. Right now, expand the girl, right now, rasprakhay, slutty.

Ksyusha apparently screamed with a member in her mouth. It seems that the dignity of ensign was really fat. All the ether clouded moans, creaks of seats, energetic wet slaps and deaf Ksyushin howl.

“Bitch finished,” the captain snarled. - And you are a giant, prapor.

“They love fat dicks,” Gritsalyuk replied, breathing heavily, “right now, look again.” Come on!

The creaking became more frequent and the slaps intensified. A few moments later, Ksyushin again heard a muffled cry.

I myself almost screamed. Tears already filled his eyes. And the most dumb - I had a wild riser. I was excited by this damned situation. My bride was flooded in a Cop bobby ten meters away from me, and I was listening.

- Still in her asshole shove, - the ensign moaned.

- Noo! Exclaimed the captain. - My point. Let's change it in places.

- Do not touch! - breathlessly Ksyusha cried out, - Don't ...

Her exclamation was interrupted, as if her mouth was shut. My guess was confirmed by the words of ensign:

- Like this! Don't be mad. I understand that I never sucked a fat dick. Breathe nose.

- Fuck, where is petroleum jelly? The captain asked irritably.

“In the glove compartment,” the ensign replied, moaning. - Fuck, how it sucks fucking. And super tits. Natural products.

“Oh, here he is,” the captain cried out in delight and rustled his cap, “a great hole.” Looks like a virgin. Now fix it. Look as it is not bitten.

- I then and her ebnu and her husband's husband, - answered the ensign, obviously enjoying the blowjob, - Do you hear, papilla? Do not bite. Comrade captain just troshki fuck your ass.

- Ahhhh! - There was a voluptuous cry of the captain and at the same time the screams of my Ksyusha. It became clear that a member of the captain still penetrated the anus of my woman. And I quietly burst into tears. This virgin hole got two bastards in uniform.

- This is a point! - the captain moaned admiringly. - I just okhuevu. What a thrill! Here is this chick! Boobs, ass, mouth - just a bomb. Narrow, even with a vazik.

“Don't cry,” the prapor soothed Ksyusha, who was dumbly sobbing, “Suck a thick pussy and don't cry.” Yummy? Of course delicious!

- Get it, fuck your mother! - the captain cried out and, apparently, violently, he screwed up my woman's ass, as evidenced by the fast slaps and her deaf cries.

- Get that fucking such! - the captain smarted, - How are you? Come on, fuck, cum. I will tear you in the ass until you finish! Do you hear, bitch?

And then all the space was occupied by Ksyushin cry. It was a cry of pleasure. Wild orgasm. I understood that for sure.

“She finished!” The captain shouted, “Let us go!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” prapor sighed, “right in his mouth.” Yes Yes Yes. Daaaaaaa!

- Waaaaaaaa! - shouted the captain and probably finished Ksyusha in the ass.

I imagined his cock, spewing streams of sperm in the desecrated hole, imagined how she frantically swallows the ensign sperm and finished it myself, flooding myself with shorts.

- Fuck! Moaned the captain. - This is a nipple. Hey, babe, you bought yourself freedom. I never fucked like that.

- I can go? - I heard the quiet voice Ksyushi.

“Drive,” the captain said, and apparently lit up. - Take a ticket. There will be problems - call. You want a couple of members - call me too. We can and organize more.

“Thank you,” she said exhaustedly, “Give me a smoke.”

I awaited her return with horror. Here she limping to the car. Disheveled, crumpled, with a cigarette in his teeth. Here she sits down next to her and smells like other men. It smells like sex and anger. On me or on myself. I did not know. But, suddenly realized: this is the end. And he wept bitterly.

Bobby has already left and we all stood still. I choked on tears, and Ksyusha just looked ahead.

- Stop snot dissolve! She suddenly said harshly. - Do not fuck you in all holes.
- What will happen now? - I asked sobbing.

- Why did not you go out, did not protect me? - asked Ksyusha in response.

- I dont know! I cried out. - There are two of them. They have a weapon. You yourself did not resist at all.

- I am a woman, and you are a man! - Ksyusha scolded me. - Your men will always want other men. And you are not able to fight for it. Not able to forbid them to take me. How will you live with me?

- I dont know! - I cried. - I just love you.

- Even now? She grinned. - Even after I gave two men in front of your eyes?

- Yes! - I shouted.

- Do you understand that I sucked their dicks? - Ksyusha shook her hair. - By the way, good members. Strong. And this fat bastard is as thick as a sprite bank. I barely took his head in his mouth. And he fucked me in pussy, you know? And the second is all in the ass. I've never finished like this. It was very painful, but so fucking. Do you understand that this will not happen to you?

- Understand! - I sobbed.

- And even more fucking I was from what you hear it all. Now ask yourself the question: do you want me to become your wife, knowing that others will fuck me? And most likely when you? Heard the concept of "cuckold"?

- I agree to everything, if only you were there! - I cried again. I was ashamed and disgusted. But I loved her and promised myself to go this way to the end.

To be continued.