Hello everyone, my name is Vika, I would like to share my innermost things. I was brought up in strictness while I was a teenager - I had very little contact with the boys alone. Of course, I was not allowed any short dresses and skirts. Always jealous of his classmates, who flaunted in classy clothes. On the figure I am miniature - height 162, the first breast size, brown hair and green eyes. I had fans, but only kisses.

I was able to get my first freedom some time after my eighteenth birthday. Parents went for a couple of days to relax with friends, leaving me on the farm. And of course, on the same day, we decided to walk late with our best friend. She decided that it was time for me to show my legs to everyone and lent me a lightweight skirt so long that I didn’t want to wear it first.

Her proposal turned out to be spectacular - the whole summer evening in the park, while we were walking, taking pictures and having fun, the guys were sticking to us. But I was so shy that I spoiled everything at once. Once, there were some non-Russian guys, Caucasians, we both didn’t like them at all, and they all told a friend. They shouted threats to us, but we only laughed. I broke up with her already in the dark. I took her to the bus stop, and she went to her own through that park.

There were many abandoned places in the park where people hardly walk and there is no lighting, but the benches are still standing. Through one such place I decided to cut the way, I thought that I was not in danger. When I walked past one of the shops, I heard a shout and my knees immediately trembled - it turned out to be those two non-Russians whom a friend had whipped off. They recognized me, said that I had hit and dragged me to the bench, one grabbed the arms, and the other grabbed the waist and immediately estimated the length of the skirt. For fear, I could not even squeak, only tears came out. They put me on the bench, and they themselves stood opposite. They were so tall that my face was opposite their crotchs. I recovered a little and began to ask to let me go. They only laughed and said that they would release me later, but first they would teach me a lesson. I immediately understood what they wanted and began to say that I was still a girl, that I didn’t know anything, that they had better let me go. At first they were silent, and then one of them, who was standing very close to me, said that they would instruct and release a little, unbuckled the belt and pulled out his stick.

The first time I saw a member live, I was very confused. He was already standing and really looked like a stick - thick and wiry, with a large head. He told me to first lick my head with my tongue and then take it in my mouth like candy. When I touched my tongue, I thought I was going to be sick! So disgusting taste seemed. But I decided to be obedient, so that they quickly let me go. I took the head in my mouth and tried to move my tongue and head as I was told. Then I felt the palm on top of my head, he controlled the movements with his hand.

At first it was difficult for me, I was pretty tiny for him, and disgusted. I thought about such things, but to do it in a park is a Caucasian! I was very ashamed, but I realized that the taste seems even a little pleasant. And I began to feel excited from it all! Probably the second one who stroked himself through shorts understood that. He laughed and said: bitch like it. And then I was very glad that the lights were not burning and no one else could see me.

I do not know how long it lasted, I had time to make my lips grow sick and my jaw began to ache a little. Suddenly, my torturer twitched, pulled out his stick and the streams of his seed flew right into my face. It was a lot, a few large jets, then a few drops. They hit my cheeks, lips, hair. He stood a little, looking at me, then he walked away and said: Now you, brother.

The second member was smaller and he waited a long time. Probably a few minutes passed, he finished, and the seed was also less. He refueled and they began to leave, shouting to me: Do not fall for us again. And they left me alone, spattered and humiliated and ... excited.

At first I came to my senses. Then she began to wipe the face that was in that liquid. She smelled good. I suddenly realized that I didn’t even have wet wipes. And I got the idea to lick everything off my fingers. It turned out that she tasted good. Having put myself in such a way in order, I went to the bus stop. There were very few people, but they looked at me strangely all the way. Just when I got off the bus, I looked at myself and almost cried again with shame - it turns out that the seed had fallen on the skirt! How nice that nobody was home!

As I did not try to wash the skirt - I did not. I had to lie to a friend that I accidentally soiled her in the paint and threw it out. At the same time, she looked at me so strangely, as if she knew what had happened to me.