Hey. I want to tell a story about how I lost my virginity at the age of 17. My first love was Ivan. We are the same age. Now we are already 20 years old. He ran for me for a very long time and sought after, until I decided. about half a year. It was very beautiful. before that, we practiced oral sex, since he, too, was a virgin. We constantly hung out at his country house, and caressed each other, it was unforgettable. He is very gentle and sensitive in bed.

Our first time was unforgettable, he prepared, it was just New Year, the mood is excellent, I sat with my family in a restaurant. then he called, asked me to call a taxi and come to him. That he prepared me a surprise. At that moment, he was also with his relatives. after the chiming clock and the festive salute, I went to him. Everywhere candles were placed, rose petals covered the entire floor and bed, it was very beautiful, a Christmas tree, and garlands. everything glittered and sparkled, there was champagne martini on the table, sushi, all sorts of various snacks just for the two of us, but I didn’t want anything else except him.

As soon as I saw his gaze, his seductive blue eyes, everything inside sank, I was excited. He gave me a huge bouquet of roses and perfumes.

I dug into his lips. they were so sweet and sensual that I wanted to kiss him again and again. He looked into my eyes and said that "I am extremely happy that I am with him now."

And I said: - I am ready ...

We began to gradually undress each other and kissing without stopping. I was very scared, but he supported me in every way ... he took off my evening dress, then tights, shoes, I took off his jeans and shirt, he sweated, I saw that he was not less worried than me ... We drank a glass of champagne and one of the underwear went to the bed, he gently threw me down, took off her bra, then going down below and kissing my body, pulled off my panties with my teeth ... I was very excited, my pussy was already wet. He parted my legs and began to lick her tongue, I began to moan, digging into his blond hair.

then he caressed my nipples and clit, I took off his pants and also began to lick his dick, he was also wet. in pose 69 we fondled. then I lay down and alone put a pillow to dull the pain. He put prezik, and sent his penis to my vagina, and slowly began to press him, it was painful for me, then the member went in half, I squealed in pain, he squeezed my ass even harder and the member went in completely. he began to move in me faster. I saw that he was tired. I felt this pleasure. the pain dulled a little and I completely relaxed ... he finished and when he pulled out the penis there were drops of blood on the sheet. We went to the bath, washed each other, enjoying it, kissing. He was just happy that this happened and we were first to each other. Then tired and happy we went to bed and fell asleep. This was our first night)))

After that, he did not move a step away from me, became even more caring and generous, even though he was so. afraid to lose me.

Alas, but after 2.5 years, we still broke up. I could not stand his control over me. Just tired. Now he is on the evil I began to meet with the girl that I can not stand. Well, good luck to both of them. Let them be happy.