It happened last fall. It was already cold outside and my boyfriend and I were at his house. We spent the whole day in bliss of bliss, lying in bed and caressing each other. We had wonderful sex, but most of all in our intimate relationships, I remember the following:

That day we were not alone at home, we had to hold back a little, especially me, because I scream very loudly during sex. But still. The SCRIPS of the old springs of the Soviet mattress betrayed us treacherously. Lesha finished on my stomach, got off of me, and went into the bathroom. I didn’t have much pleasure from sex, because I had to control myself, so I didn’t even have an orgasm, and in general I had problems with it ... I lay naked and beautiful as a young girl could have on crumpled sheets with sperm marks on a smooth velvet skin, the door opened, but not my boyfriend entered the room. I screamed and began to wrap myself in a sheet.

Lesha’s younger brother, my age mate, looked at me with hungry eyes — we were 18 years old. And here Lyosha came into the room, he came up to me, gently kissed me and asked me about an unheard of thing, to which I, to everyone's surprise, agreed. He said that he had caught little onanism and this is unacceptable at his age and added an argument against which I could not argue - he said that the guy never had a woman. Generally. No one. I smiled and examined the boy from head to toe. . He was very nice, although not in my taste, but his purity and inexperience bought me.

I called him to me and kissed him on the lips, they were warm and soft, looking up from him, I looked at my boyfriend, as if asking for his permission. He smiled and nodded to me. I took off the sheets and took the shorts off the boy along with the shorts, to my surprise his standing member was much more than Leshy, and this made me anticipate the pleasure stronger than the previous one. I wrapped my arm around it and estimated the diameter. I could not resist saying:

- You fill me up completely ..., then turned to Lyosha and said: look, so that he does not stretch me

Lyosha calmly watched all this and said:

- Now we will stretch you together, always dreamed of you to fuck with someone like a cheap nipple so that you were not enough.

I was shocked by his answer, but he absolutely approached the situation, because the picture was as follows: I was naked, sitting on the body with traces of sperm and jerking off with him to his brother. From the awareness of this and the fact that was to follow after, I was very wet, I felt the lubricant flowing on the bed linen ... Is it really with me? I could not believe it. Is my old dream about to come true and I finally feel like a pathetic whore. Ask any woman, each wants two men to enter her at the same time.

Lyosha took off the towel from his hips and started jerking off, but I took up a boy. I got on my knees and firmly grabbed his dick and started just jerking him off, the guy was so blameless that he was ready to just cum from it. But I asked him to be patient. Hardly my lips touched his pink soft head, he began to moan loudly, it brought me even more ... I began to gradually suck his penis deeper and deeper, while rotating my tongue around him. Then I began to move horizontally, sucking and releasing it from my mouth.

It was so big that it put pressure on my tonsils and made it difficult to breathe, this caused tears to flow and mascara smeared ... suddenly Lyosha cursed me, stood next to my brother, made a gesture and said that I looked like a whore, grabbed my hair and sharply I put my dick in my mouth, he began to move rhythmically, then he pushed me away and put cancer on the bed. I felt something huge suddenly penetrate into me, I realized that it was not Lesha. Andrei, namely his brother's name, began very quickly and fucked me hard, he grabbed my waist with his hands and pulled me so hard on himself that our bodies clapped against each other.

Lesha looked from the side at this, then sat down at the head of the bed. I begged him to give me suck, but he teased me, running his swollen device on my face, hitting him on my cheeks and lips, and beat my head on a tongue stuck out specifically for this. He knew that during sex I really wanted to suck and just teased me. Andrew interrupted our game, he said:

-And she really is a whore, like you said, wet fucked up, running down her legs.

Lyosha hit me in the face and asked:

- Well, slut, do you want to suck? You're not capable of anything else, stupid cunt! what's your dicky hole! A lot of you fucked, right? I want to plant you, but only now there is too wide ...

I was crazy to start such conversations and I flowed even more, the lubricant stood out so abundantly that it flowed down my legs, and Andrei slid inside me without any problems. Finally, Lyosha put his dick in my mouth, he did not let me perform any actions and stupidly fucked me in the mouth, then called Andrei and said that they, as brothers, had to fuck me in one hole together. They became very close to each other and tried to shove both members at the same time in my mouth, but only the heads entered. The boys understood that nothing will work ... Lesha slapped me on the pope and said:

- Give me your pet, whore is a cheap one, show us her, come on, spread your legs, show your gaping hole, what a fucking you do, do you understand what a fucking you are? Do you realize?

after these words, I realized what I should do. Lesha lay on his back, I settled over him, with my back to him and sat on his penis, he was ready to explode with excitement, but like me. Top Andrei fell in, thrusting the second term into my wet hole. He walked in without obstacles, which prompted the guys to call me the last prostitute who was fucked by dozens of guys in the toilets of nightclubs. Imagining how the thirty men take turns fucking me, how they insert and take out their big and slippery limbs from me, how they shower my face with sperm and drive their heads over their lips, I felt that I was about to finish.

But the boys didn’t want it to end so quickly. They moved inside me synchronously and it seemed to me that one huge member fills me all up. Lyosha said he was tired and gives the right to finish to Andrew, after all, this is his first time. He took out his beautiful, rock-hard member from me and guided him over my face, quickly nadrachivaya it, after a few moments, sperm flew on my face, a few drops fell into my mouth. It was not much, and it was bitter in taste, because Lyosha smoked. He fell helplessly into the chair opposite the bed, becoming a spectator.

I was somehow not in a rush and I said this. Andrew looked at his brother and he said that he fucked me in the ass. The guy did not think long and put his cock right away. ABOUT! What is this bliss when a big slippery penis enters your anus. All nerve endings instantly reacted. Andrew hit my clit a couple of times with his palm, made literally a few frictions and I was convulsed by an orgasm.

I was covered wave after wave, all my muscles were contracting, Andrew could not take out his penis, because it was very tight and finished right in me. I felt something hot hit inside me ... he took out his huge cock, I was lying on my back absolutely exhausted and madly in love. We all lay down after that and smoked, I felt like sperm out of me. Lyosha said that he did not think that his girlfriend was such a whore, to which Andrei replied that he could not imagine a better first time.