I worked immediately after the uni in a small company - the office of all four employees. And here we had one woman, an accountant. Wow so so woman. She was 35 years old, a pretty face, thin, but with a small booty. The priest was such that she wanted to knead, squeeze, lick, spank to the red, push the buns apart and dive with the tongue into a narrow hole. In general, she drove me crazy this pop.

Well, as often happened, we stayed in the office together. And I feel that my view is to strive under her table, where the leg on the leg lies neatly, and my dick begins its rebellion. Not finding a more stupid way, I send a message on my local network to her computer:

I - "I want you!"

I look sideways at her, and she tilts her head so as to hide from me behind the monitor, to hide the fact that she began to blush. And I begin to realize that I am ashamed, and I did something stupid. But I have the answer on my monitor:

She - "And what, do not have the courage to get up and come up?"

I get up from my seat, walk around her desk, walk up to her side. She, leaning back in her chair, tilts her head back, closes her eyes and puts her lips up for a kiss. But I decide to act differently. From such a bold decision throws me into a fever. But still…

I'm on the way to unbutton my fly, pull out the already-sized dick and box on top of her juicy protruding lips. She immediately twitched a little, but then took him in her hand at the base, opened her eyes, smiled slightly and began to drive her lips along the trunk, looking intently at me.

The member rose higher, and now, after a few seconds, he was already proudly standing at attention. She was not comfortable licking. She sat exactly in the chair, and in the meantime I undid the button of the trousers and they fell down. Dick hung in her face. She looked up at me. What was going on was dizzy. But she was in no hurry to take the dick in her mouth, but still looked and mysteriously smiled. I decided to play ...

I grabbed her head, with the second hand I took the finally standing dick and began to slap her on the lips, then on the cheeks, on the eyes, again on the lips. Meanwhile, her hand crept under the skirt and she began to caress herself through tights.

“You'd rather slap me on tights with a cock,” I heard as a reproach.

“You first take it in your mouth, bitch,” was my reply.

“I’ve sucked like no one else sucked you, baby,” was the answer, which I hadn’t yet realized how my dick was in the throat of this woman, and the eggs hit the chin ...

My dick was in the mouth of a 35-year-old woman and I was ready to finish just at the thought. But I was in no hurry, I wanted to fuck her until she screamed and asked.

And indeed, this woman knew how to do blowjob! She let go of the head in the throat, stopped, and only with light spasms of the throat, pressing the head slightly, brought me to such a state that I wanted to scream.

In the meantime, I reached out to the neckline of her jacket, climbed under it and reached for my chest. He began to turn her nipple, knead his chest, though not as elastic as that of a young girl, but still pleasant. Her nails were digging into my buttocks and she pushed the dick ever deeper into the throat, slowly moving her head and sucking the head and head very tightly.

I felt that I could not bear it any longer, I was ready to finish, but I so wanted to continue. I took out a member of her agile mouth, undid the buttons of his jacket, under which there was nothing else and began to spank on her nipples. And she threw her legs on the table, widely spread them out and let her fingers into panties under the pantyhose. Leaning back in her chair, she caressed herself and moaned, closing her eyes.

I raised it, and bent over the table, face down. Before me was an incredibly beautiful ass of this wonderful beautiful woman. And even though she was 12-15 years older than me, I really wanted her. I wanted to fuck her as long as possible, delivering her an orgasm for an orgasm, and then pin her into the string.

So, before me were wonderful buttocks. I slapped his palm on them, then again a little more. She groaned toli from pain toli from pleasure. I knelt in front of her ass, and reaching for the buttocks began to lick them, because I so long wanted to do it. I went crazy when I imagined it. And now it happens! I just blew the roof!

Her hand reached for the clitoris, and fingers with a long manicure began to move between the labia. I spread the buns, and lightly touched the tip of her tongue anus. She slightly stiffened all over, then relaxed and parted the buns. Then she leaned back, as if wanting to touch the tip of my tongue with her narrow hole.

- Come on! Do it, please. - I heard her pleading voice.

- Do you love when you tongue fucked in the ass? - I said a phrase from which was misty in the eyes.

- Love! You lick my ass, I beg you! - was the answer.

I could not refuse when a woman asks. I licked her ass with the tip of the tongue, each time diving deeper inside. The ring yielded more and more. Then I tried to stick my finger in there and was surprised at how tight the butt was at this bitch! Oh, how I wanted to put my dick in there!

I got up, put a member of her expiring pussy, but did not hurry to enter. Instead, I slowly put my finger in her anus, he moved his booty, as if sitting on a finger. When he was half inside, I jerked into her pussy. I fucked her at such a pace that loud slaps must have been heard in the hallway. Fucked her at the same time dick in the pussy and a finger in the ass. But, as if I was not ashamed, I finished very quickly, without bringing her to orgasm.

After that, I could only hope that I would still see this beautiful ass, this anus and this wonderful pussy, and even then I will not let us down!