I am 45, I am divorced, sons are adults, their life is in full swing. And I ... free, successful and independent, dispose of myself on my own. Escaping from the winter depression, climbed through dating sites. It is sometimes useful for practice in the psychology and analysis of human souls. Yes, and good fun, in short, a cure for melancholy! Filled out a questionnaire, threw a couple of photos ... And then she buried herself in a pile of messages. But one thing somehow hooked me ... Firstly, because of its tactlessness, secondly, rudeness, and thirdly, simply unlimited self-confidence. I love to butt with such self-confident, stupid and unprincipled ... After a couple of hours, they either become silk or start to offend me from powerlessness. But it is just physical pleasure for me to bring such people to such a state! I just see how he clenches his fists and can do nothing against my next absolutely intelligent attack. I never fall to insults. This is my strength.

But this story did not end so quickly, it received the most unexpected continuation ...

So let's start over.

A 20-year-old boy wrote to me then. At my age, he is for me a child anyway, and of course I did not intend to treat him as a partner. But then she changed her mind, too his message was defiant. For starters, opened his profile. That's what it was: "I like older women, I love depraved" adult girls "(especially married)

I love to give them to suck and unceremoniously pull them onto their strong, young s ... I really like women in stockings, especially with a belt (but I don't like stockings in a net) and on stilettos, with brightly colored lips and glasses. Experience with women there.

Guys, if you have a full load of business, business, and so on, and your wives are ..., please! Only the condition is your wife is a pretty and clean lady and she agrees to fulfill all my whims and desires.

However, women can apply without the knowledge of their husbands - the conditions are the same ...

Of course, it is possible to "communicate" with young girls, if they are very sexy and depraved.

"High Relations" do not interest me. Teach the lives of your children, I do not need.

I do not need hardware support and I "do not work to order." (Spelling and punctuation preserved completely. - Approx. Author)

“Yes,” I decided, “the boy literally trumpets to be taught life! Literacy, of course, will not teach, late. But respecting a woman, I think it will work out for me! ”And I responded to his message ... sharply, unequivocally, insultingly, but intelligently ... And he wound up! That was what I was waiting for. I will not retell our correspondence, it was quite banal. But ultimately, in order for my plan to work, I had to win his confidence, meet him, give him free rein, let him enjoy ... for the last time. Then he will be punished ... I knew that for sure!

I have many friends, including a couple of bisexuals - Anton and Sasha. Wonderful, smart, kind guys. And what's the difference, what are their preferences in sex! In terms of communication, this question has never bothered me. I called Anton and explained the essence of the matter. He agreed - the boy must be brought up! On that and decided.

I agreed with the Boy (we will call him that way) about the meeting, but in my territory. He arrived late - like a traffic jam ... But behind this was a clear awareness of his superiority! In his petty understanding, a woman is worth nothing, she will wait, she will not go anywhere. He walked in the door like a master. With his appearance it was funny! Tall, but frail, the face of a child wearing a mask of grandeur ... I even had the thought of pity for him in my head ... But I chased her away. Do not bring it up now, it will be too late.

I put on the table a bottle of brandy, glasses and lemon on a saucer. She offered to drink for an acquaintance and the beginning of a relationship. All the time he was talking only about one thing - how very soon he would stomp me with his feet, and I would beg him to give me by mouth ... I quickly got tired of it, and after the second sip of brandy I went to the bathroom, like changing clothes. And he stayed at the table, blissfully imagining what he would do with me now ...

But when I left, two characters appeared on the scene - Anton and Sasha. And the action began!

The boy rounded his eyes. He did not expect the presence of someone else in the apartment. He jumped up and tried to call me, but Anton, who was standing behind, quickly sealed his mouth with a piece of tape, while Sasha took off his shirt and tied his hands with a belt. It was difficult to resist the four strong hands, and the Boy quickly stopped twitching, but fear clearly read in his eyes ...

I watched all this from the side, so that he did not see me. We had a deal with the guys - to teach, but not to harm. They almost affectionately undressed him completely and put him on his knees in the middle of the room. Anton came from behind, and Sasha was in front of him. And the action began ...

Anton almost gently, but imperiously ran his hand across his back, he caved in, and his member — obviously against his will — began to swell and rise. The ass is so puny and nonsexual (spoiled for me!) Tucked in ... Anton squeezed grease out of the tube onto his arm and ass of our ward, he started ... but his mouth, sealed with scotch tape, was silent, only a muffled sound was heard. I did not want to stand on ceremony with him for a long time, and the guys quickly got down to business. Anton laid down massaging his crotch and almost immediately drove his dick there, shallowly, so - from the edge ... a persuasion is a persuasion! But tears still poured from the boy's eyes, he twitched slightly, but his bound hands and his mouth sealed restricted movement. Sasha, meanwhile, was playing with his dick right in front of him. Anton finished quickly. And the viscous fluid, along with the lubricant, slowly crawled over the boy's ass on the floor. At this time, Sasha with a sharp movement tore off the scotch from his lips and put his dick into his mouth ... and also finished. Now it is all smeared with sperm, tears and grease from all sides, he sobbed, lying on the floor with his hands tied ... But at that moment I appeared!

At first, he saw my heels and, as it seemed to me, he even became animated ... or simply tore off his eyes from the floor and raised his head upwards. Before him stood a well-groomed, domineering, independent, beautiful in black stockings with a lace belt, in a transparent peignoir, trimmed with swan's down, Woman!

I looked down at him, smiled gently and quietly asked: “Is there still a desire to stomp a woman's legs?” He started, sobbed, just like a child who fell and painfully opened his knees, and whispered: “I will no longer ...”

Anton picked him up from the floor and sat him down on a chair; now the second act of our performance began for him.

Sasha threw off his dressing-gown from my shoulders, lifted me up and gently laid across the wide bed so that the Boy saw me all over and started to caress me. He did it slowly, thoroughly, gently ... I melted at his touch, his hands, fingers, tongue. I enjoyed it, arching my body towards, revealing the most hidden places. He penetrated me, caressed and fucked ... until I finished. And the Boy saw that sex is not violence, it is tenderness ...

Then the guys almost took him to the shower, on his feet he kept uncertain, washed, put in order. Anton went by taxi with him for security reasons - you never know what would come to the youngster ...

In the morning, when I entered the site, his profile was deleted. We didn’t overlap anymore, and soon I forgot about its existence ... But once we met in a shopping center. I walked past as if nothing had happened. But He even stopped and turned after me ... I felt his eyes on my back (sometimes it happens to me!). Next to him was a young girl, like himself, who was looking at him with wide open eyes in love ... You can hardly look like that when you are trampled underfoot ... So, the lesson went in favor.